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Dispensa and Tandem cargo systems from PEKA - order in the kitchen and pantry

30 of August '21

Functional cargo system in the kitchen.
From the series "Fashionable furniture, flexible lighting - trends 2021".

The kitchen is the heart of every home. The place where, in many families, family life is concentrated, so it is important that every inch of this room is arranged functionally. The functionality and convenience of the kitchen is determined by the selection of appropriate built-in systems and accessories. Systems, thanks to which all the necessary products will be at your fingertips!

The ideal kitchen cabinet, or what kind of cabinet?

You come home with a lot of shopping for a family party, a gathering with friends, or a supply of products for the week. You need to unpack and store them quickly. Preferably in a cabinet that is packable, functional, convenient and secure. A cabinet in which all products have their place. And at the same time it should be elegant, modern and beautiful.

Peka has the solution! Cargo system

Allows you to store dry products in one place. Provides insight into the contents of the inventory. A slight movement of the hand is all it takes to open the door of this packable yet transparent pantry. It blends in perfectly with the refrigerator because it works just like it. Products can be stored on illuminated, spacious shelves and on the door. When you open the door, the rear shelves move closer. This allows you to reach products without effort, bending over or rearranging other products.

If that's not enough and you need additional ways to store and manage your kitchen supplies more efficiently, then use small baskets for that! They allow you to organize products in a thematic way, for example, put flour, rice, pasta, sweets or preserves separately.

It is worth knowing that the shelves of the Tandem system can bear 85 kg at a module of 600!

Kitchen furniture equipped with cargo systems - why is it worth having them?

Cargo systems are nothing more than a system of pull-out shelves, which provides comfortable use and facilitates daily work in the kitchen. When each item gets its own place, the kitchen is tidy, so cooking is much easier and more pleasant.

1 You gain practical space for storing supplies
The cabinet with the DISPENSA cargo system will easily accommodate large amounts of supplies and allow you to conveniently arrange them - as in a practical home pantry, while freeing the rest of the furniture from excess food and freeing up space for pots, dishes and small household appliances.

cargo Dispensa

Photo: © Peka

2. all products fit in one place
A tall cargo cabinet is a large and ergonomic storage area that, depending on the model, will hold up to 100 kg of load. The interior of the cargo cabinet is easy to adjust to your requirements by adjusting the spacing between baskets, thanks to a system of hooks, and using additional accessories such as practical containers.

3. every item is perfectly visible and easy to reach for it
With the cargo, you pull out all the contents in one motion and have access to all the necessary products.

cargo tall Tandem

photo: © Peka

4. you adjust the size and type of the system to the needs of your family and the size of your kitchen
DISPENSA is a classic pull-out cargo designed for narrow modules - it will work even in the narrowest niches with a width of 15 cm. It's a great way to create a functional pantry even in a small kitchen. DISPENSA is available in different heights - from 90 to 230 cm. Importantly, as the dimensions of the system increase, the number of baskets in the set also increases. Choosing such a cargo, you can create a high post or medium module. Cargo extends smoothly from the cabinet until it gently stops in front of the cabinet. It also brakes when closing, which increases the convenience and safety of use. This model will hold up to 100 kg of load.

Cargo TANDEM will come in handy in larger kitchens, where you can afford to place the system in a 60 cm wide cabinet. TANDEM allows you to place products not only on the interior shelves, but also on the door - just like in a refrigerator.

Tandem cargo

Photo: © Peka

5 You make the most of even narrow space
Even in a narrow space you can place a functional cargo, which you can conveniently pull out, gaining access to all the products stored there. A 15, 20 or 25 cm wide cabinet is enough to turn a narrow and impractical space into a functional pantry. However, the most popular modules are 30 and 40 cm.

6 Your kitchen's ergonomics improve
By opting for a cargo system, all the cooking products you need are in one zone. All you have to do is pull out all the contents in one motion and you have everything at your fingertips!

7 You make the shopping process easier and start saving money.
With cargo, all the products are in plain sight, which means that you consume them on the fly, without buying unnecessary products, spending more money on them than necessary.

For more information, visit the company's Peka page on the A&B portal.

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