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SCHATTDECOR decors inspired by wood or stone drawing

02 of September '23

Schattdecor is a global expert in design for interior design. We develop decors and finish foils that are used in the production of furniture, floors and doors. We constantly analyze the needs of our customers and observe the development of trends. These observations directly influence the nature of the structures we create.

Our trend analyses show that spaces are interlocking, penetrating into each other. Furniture forms and colors are becoming more universal. With the chaos of the world around us, the natural need is to create welcoming, cozy interiors for homes, offices or public spaces.

What inspires us today? We are seeing an increasing awareness of the importance of nature and environmental protection, striving for a sustainable lifestyle. Digitalization with all its possibilities in the area of work and other interactions is also playing a very important role. Today, the virtual world and its aesthetics are increasingly becoming a source of inspiration for analog reality.

Dąb Karlstad Classic (14-18902-108) – dekor dostępny w kolekcji SWISS KRONO jako Dąb liryczny D20140

Karlstad Classic Oak (14-18902-108) - a decor available in the SWISS KRONO collection as Lyrical Oak D20140



In interiors designed today, we invariably strive to emphasize naturalness and coziness. The structures and colors with which we arrange the space relax, give respite to the human body and psyche. This directly affects the nature of the decors we use in projects. We are increasingly looking for structures with a harmonious, balanced character, such as Karlstad Classic Oak. It is an extremely versatile and timeless pattern varied with subtle details in the form of small knots. It can be used in a variety of arrangements: both on smaller and large-format surfaces. It presents itself perfectly on the fronts of living room, kitchen and office furniture, as well as on doors. Karlstad Oak is discreet in expression, imperious and safe.

Flagstaff Oak (14-10778-006) – dekor dostępny w kolekcji PFLEIDERER jako Dąb Bijoux R20391

Flagstaff Oak (14-10778-006) - a decor available in the PFLEIDERER collection as Bijoux Oak R20391.


For some time now we have been observing an ongoing change in the structures that are used in interior design. Strongly expressive decors, which perfectly fit into the loft style that is so popular in Poland, are now gaining a more subtle character. An example of this new take on rusticity is Flagstaff Oak. This oak décor is characterized by decorative elements highlighted with pewter-colored metallic paint. Thanks to this treatment, Flagstaff Oak is the perfect combination of rusticity and elegance that can be freely interpreted.

Not just wood

Recently, there has been a clear growing interest in decors inspired by the drawing of natural stones. They exude unpretentious elegance, and their additional advantage is a wide area of application. They are increasingly used not only in kitchens and bathrooms, but also in cozy bedrooms or dining rooms. They serve as an original finish for table tops and dressers, on the fronts of cabinets and even on their bodies. Stone decors are also an interesting alternative to solid surfaces. They emphasize the uniqueness of the space.

Pietra Grigia (14-54153-101) – dekor dostępny w kolekcji EGGER pod tą samą nazwą i numerem F206; ST9, PT

Pietra Grigia (14-54153-101) - a decor available in the EGGER collection under the same name and number F206; ST9, PT


PietraGrigia from the Schattdecor collection is definitely a timeless pattern. This décor, thanks to its contrasting pattern, will not only visually enhance the space; introducing this dark stone structure into the interior will perform far better in terms of everyday use than a uniform black or anthracite surface. The use of the decor, for example, on worktops or wall panels, makes the interiors in which it is applied acquire character and timeless elegance.

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