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Living, working, public zone. Shaping new spaces and interior trends

01 of December '20

Living, Working, Public - a collection of decors from Schattdecor.
From the series "Interior Trends 2021".

What will the world be like after COVID-19? How will the market and the needs of end users change? What will be important to them? Numerous analyses that have been produced during the pandemic show that the world will no longer be the same and it is necessary to shape new spaces.

Schattdecor facing the new normal

In keeping with the motto "Shaping new spaces," Schattdecor, as an expert in the production of decorative surfaces, is responding to the needs of new times and offering new product and design solutions. We are experiencing dynamic changes all over the world - both in our personal and professional lives. Creative people are in demand like never before. The new normal requires new concepts for living spaces, offices and public places. The world around us is changing. We want to respond immediately to these changes, to propose solutions.

New times, new solutions - the Schattdecor collection

Schattdecor's design collection is a package consisting of decors, among which are new solutions and bestsellers, which were created on the foundation of the "Urban Styles" trend concept. On the basis of current trend research, with reference to the slogan: "Find yourself in the new normal," the company describes the interior trends Living, Working and Public.

First place: LIVING

New needs are shaping home design. In times of crisis, consumption has been reduced, and thus the focus is on necessities. The need for security has become extremely topical.

Strefa Living – dekor Evoke Oak

Living area - Evoke Oak decor


In housing concepts that aim to make use of small space, spatial solutions are needed that guarantee pragmatic minimalism on the one hand, and meet individual needs on the other.

The key is to ensure maximum usability and freedom of arrangement, for example, by using sliding doors. We can use stone structures on their surface. In this way we optically enhance the space, combining aesthetics with a practical solution. In combination with coordinating accessories, the whole creates a special asylum. Home is a zone of privacy and coziness. We want to feel comfortable in it and find inner peace. This coziness and comfort is provided by contact with wood and stone structures. The natural colors of furniture and floors emphasize the atmosphere of security. That's why these surfaces are currently so popular. We invite nature into the apartment and draw vitality and strength from it.

Evoke oak
10562-L195075 Smartfoil NATURE, Kronospan COAST EVOKE OAK - K365,: płyta, hpl, blat roboczy Grey Caspio 14-54167-001,
Swiss Krono PL D1083 – blat Jackson Hickory 14-12081-005,
Pfleiderer PL R48041 – płyta

1. Evoke Oak 10562-L195075 Smartfoil NATURE, Kronospan COAST EVOKE OAK - K365, board, hpl, worktop.
2. Grey Caspio 14-54167-001, Swiss Krono PL D1083 - countertop.
3. Jackson Hickory 14-12081-005, Pfleiderer PL R48041 - board


Second place: WORKING

In large cities, where apartments and offices are limited in space and very expensive, new concepts such as coworking will become increasingly desirable. Although they require adaptation to current requirements, they offer an excellent opportunity for personal contact with clients, co-workers and provide an opportunity for larger meetings with presentations. This is made possible by their equipment, location and, above all, size.

Przestrzeń pracy –
kuchnia z płytą Black glow

Working area - Black Glow decor


It is important to create a creative space that can be used flexibly, provides a wide range of technical possibilities, and is also modernly decorated, comfortable and versatile.

The use of partition walls and other modular solutions guarantees, on the one hand, free private conversations, and on the other, the necessary conditions for communication within larger groups. They are an additional modern element that makes the interior more attractive.

Black Glow
14-26098-001, Pfleiderer R48050 – płyta, hpl, zdjęcie Greystone 14-54130-001, Egger
F160 -płyta, blat, hpl; Swiss Krono PL D4878 – płyta, blat, hpl

1. Black Glow 14-26098-001, Pfleiderer R48050 - board, hpl
2. Greystone 14-54130-001, Egger F160 - board, top, hpl; Swiss Krono PL D4878 - board, top, hpl


Third place: PUBLIC

The current situation has thrown a considerable challenge to everyone. In some parts of the world, public life has come to a standstill. People have longed for closeness with each other and spending leisure time together. Creative minds have never been more in demand than today.

Wnętrze w przestrzeni
publicznej, płyta Biscaya Oak

Public area - Biscaya Oak decor


There was a need to offer an alternative to the existing solutions that create meeting spaces.

Changes are taking place not only in the context of vacations, where campervan travel, for example, is becoming increasingly popular, but also in the case of public places where we spend our leisure time. In highly frequented spaces such as shopping malls, bars, restaurants and hotels, special requirements must be met. In public spaces, textile and woodgrain decors will become an interesting alternative to fabrics.

Biscaya Oak14-10434-001, Swiss Krono PL D4030 – płyta Dąb Catania 14-10033-001,Swiss Krono PL D1035 – płyta, blat

1. Biscaya Oak 14-10434-001, Swiss Krono PL D4030 - board.
2. Catania Oak 14-10033-001, Swiss Krono PL D1035 - board, top; Egger PL H1300 - board.


For more information, visit the company's Schattdecor Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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