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Decorative elements and materials in modern architecture, design and interior design

24 of December '20

Excellent quality, eco-friendly and state-of-the-art veneers, laminates and decorative surfaces

The ATPOL represents leading European brands on the Polish market. The company brings together in its portfolio veneers, laminates, decorative boards, wallpaper, decorative acoustic and floor panels of excellent quality, ecological and safe to use. These products are used in the production of furniture, wall coverings, partitions, floors, doors, bathroom and kitchen furniture, store and public furnishings, decorative and acoustic panels and exterior facades.

ALPI - veneers and laminates from the industry leader from Italy

ALPI offers veneers in several hundred types - from designs of classic furniture veneers (oak, ash, birch) to exotic veneers (ebony, rosewood, teak). Alpi v eneers are an ecological product, sourced from fast-growing tree species in accordance with the principles of responsible forest management, it allows to reduce the felling of these most valuable, endangered varieties.

Fornir Alpi Grada /
projekt Patricia Urquiola © ATPOL

Alpi Grada veneer / design by Patricia Urquiola


ALPI veneer (ALPIlignum)

This is the starting point, the basic raw material for all other product lines. The result of technological innovation and classic craftsmanship, it offers versatility in application and design variety.

Theproduction technology allows to obtain veneer with a repeatable grain and color while preserving the beauty and diversity of natural wood. Efficient formats and high quality of the product make it possible to effectively plan production and offer the product in accordance with customer requirements.

Basic technical data of ALPI veneer:

  • Standard dimensions (length × width): 220/250/280/315 × 64 cm.
  • Thickness range: from 0.5 to 2.7 mm.

The "Designer" veneer collection is co-created by top designers from around the world: Piero Lissoni, the GamFratesi duo, Kengo Kuma, Campana Brothers, Martino Gamper, Alessandro Mendini or Ettore Sottsass. The result of this collaboration are unique veneers designed for the most demanding projects.

Fornir Alpi Quadra / projekt Patricia Urquiola © ATPOL

Alpi Quadra veneer / Patricia Urquiola design.


ALPI laminate (ALPIkord).

This is a hpl veneer ready to be glued onto furniture boards or plywood. It is ideal for the design of office spaces, store counters and shelves, bars, restaurants and public spaces. It combines the beauty of natural wood with the versatility of classic laminate. On request, the product is offered with bs1.d0 flame retardant certificate.

The manufacturer's offer is complemented by edgebanding(ALPIdecos) for all product groups.

Viroc – szara płyta
elewacyjna © ATPOL

Viroc - gray facade panel


Viroc - decorative panel with concrete effect

Viroc is a modern and versatile decorative material in line with the current trends of concrete effect panels. The ingredients of the product are a mixture of pine chips and cement. It combines the flexibility and durability of wood with the strength of cement, which allows a wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors. Viroc panels are characterized by a non-uniform surface, very well reflecting the effect of raw concrete.

The main advantages of Viroc panels:

  • non-toxic,
  • acoustic insulation (up to 37 dB),
  • resistant to bending (10.5 N/mm2),
  • resistant to deformation (modulus of elasticity: 6000 N/mm2),
  • easy installation and processing with wood accessories,
  • fire-retardant (B-s1, d0),
  • resistant to living organisms (insects, fungi, termites and others),
  • thermal insulation,
  • moisture-resistant.

Basic technical data of Viroc panels:

  • the product is offered in 5 attractive colors,
  • panel sizes are 2600×1250 and 3000×1250 mm,
  • available in thicknesses of 8, 10, 12, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 32 mm,
  • The panels are delivered raw.

Valchromat - a decorative panel better than MDF

Valchromat is an innovative concept of furniture components for interior furnishings. It is a decorative panel made of wood fibers, dyed using ecological ingredients, moisture-resistant, durable and easy to machine. Its aesthetic qualities and unique properties make it a one-of-a-kind product, appreciated by designers and manufacturers in the furniture industry around the world. Valchromat is not MDF, it is the evolution of MDF.

Basic technical data of Valchromat boards:

  • the product is offered in 10 attractive colors,
  • board sizes are 2440×1220, 2440×1830, 3660×1220 and 3660×2440 mm,
  • available in thicknesses of 8, 12, 16, 19 and 30 mm,
  • panels are delivered raw,
  • They also come in fire rating B-s2,d0.

Tapeta Organoid ©

Organoid wallpaper


Organoid - natural decorative surfaces

Organoid's fragrant decorative surfaces are state-of-the-art products made from untreated, natural raw materials: alpine hay, field flower petals, forest moss, herbs and spices.

The production process is zero-emission, environmentally safe and completely ecological and the products are allergy-friendly. Decorative surfaces are offered in the form of laminate, wallpaper, acoustic panels and floor panels. The manufacturer offers matching edging. The Organoid brand has won many prestigious awards in the international market, including the Red Dot Award, Green Product Award, European Product Design Award and this year's finalist in the Good Design 2020 competition.

For more information, visit the company's ATPOL page on the A&B portal.

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