Nature in the interior in a different edition

A home should be a place where we find tranquility and peace. Therefore, when decorating an interior, we increasingly turn to natural finishing materials, and bring as much nature and light from the outside into the home as possible. Filling the space with nature, positively affects the mood, gives a sense of relaxation and harmony. Organoid's innovative decorative surfaces enhance this feeling.

cabinet covered with Orkish surface

© Atpol

These striking decors are made entirely of natural ingredients, such as hay, petals of field flowers, coffee or lavender. Thanks to the gentle production process, their natural characteristics are preserved: smell, color and texture - the natural fibers of the raw materials are felt on the surface: leaves or stems. Importantly, no aromas or dyes are added to Organoid products, so the surfaces smell in accordance with their natural properties.

Alpine Hay light wallpaper

© Atpol

The manufacturing process of Organoid decorative surfaces is simple: natural materials are mixed with an ecological binding agent and then gently pressed onto a suitable backing. In this way, a thin layer is formed, which, combined with a suitable substrate, i.e. a carrier material, creates a finished product, for example: an HPL board, a decorative surface on self-adhesive film, wallpaper, or an acoustic panel.

Surface on self-adhesive film - rubberwood leaf skeletons

© Atpol

Alpine Hay is the main ingredient in a sizable portion of Organoid's products. Alpine Hay-based surfaces use natural growing materials harvested on the slopes of Wildspitze, the highest mountain in the Tyrol in Austria. The hand-cut hay is dried in the sun and turned several times, with a variety of herbs and grasses giving it a delicate fragrance. Hand-applied flowers of margaret, rose petals, cornflowers or lavender enrich and decorate the surface.

various patterns of organoid surfaces

© Atpol

Natural Organoid wallpapers, in addition to the full-coverage alpine hay wallpaper, are now also available in a "light" version, i.e. with less scattered flowers and herbs. The backing material, in this case recycled paper with fiberglass or fleece, shines through and is part of the decor. Whether single leaves or a loosely scattered mix of flowers, these delicate wallpapers retain the typical character of Organoid products.

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