LINERIO lamella panels - the magic of monocolors on the wall

Walls play an important role in interiors, influencing their climate and our comfort of staying in them. In order to further emphasize the individual character of different spaces, the VOX brand offers Linerio lamellas in a new monochromatic design.

Until now, Linerio lamellas have been available in three shades of brown: Natural, Mocca and Chocolate. These colors go well in any room - with their help you can create both a cozy bedroom, an elegant living room and a functional home office. For those who want to give a unique atmosphere to their interiors, the range of panels has been expanded to include white, gray and anthracite.

Why choose Linerio laths in monocolors?
- white panels will make the room seem higher
- gray panels will give lightness to the interior
- anthracite panels will provide an original finish to one of the zones, for example, a home living room.

Panele M-Line w kolorze szarym

M-Line panels in gray color


Monocolors are a timeless way to make effective and elegant arrangements. The ability to adjust them to the specifics of a particular room, its height and the prevailing color tones makes it possible for us to realize any interior design dreams. Thanks to this, we will create spaces where we will enjoy relaxing, working and spending time with loved ones.

Linerio lamella panels can be purchased in three sizes: S, M and L, which differ in the width and depth of the tiers. They allow you to freely arrange your space and designate functional zones. With their help we can separate a home office in the living room, and in the bedroom we can create a calming corner where we can indulge our passions. In addition, the panels can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally, as well as cut to the required size.

Panele S-Line w kolorze białym

S-Line panels in white


The advantage of VOX brand lamellas is also the modern material from which they are made. Polystyrene makes the panels very light, which makes them much easier to transport and install. And on top of that, they are 100% recyclable. The material also affects the acoustic properties of the panels, making them eliminate reverberation in large rooms. What's more? They are non-flammable and extremely easy to clean, so they can also be installed in demanding areas such as kitchens and hallways. You can easily get rid of dirt with a damp cloth.

Panele S-Line, M-Line i L-Line w kolorze antracytowym

S-Line, M-Line and L-Line panels in anthracite color


For more information, visit the company's VOX page on the PdD portal.