Lamellas - what do you need to know about them?

31 of August '23
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  1. Slats are a finishing material that consists of thin flat, usually wooden slats.
  2. You can choose from laths made of wood, wood-like materials or metal.
  3. Slats can be arranged on the wall or ceiling and can be used when creating furniture or dividing a room into zones.
  4. The laths can be used in the kitchen, but it is worth choosing those made of materials resistant to moisture and dirt.
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Lamellas are currently one of the most popular trends in interior design. Many of us want to have a piece built of these thin boards in our home. How to do it and what should you consider before buying them?

Choosing lamellas

What are lamellas?

Lamellas are a type of finishing material that consists of thin flat pieces called lamellas. A lamella is a thin, flat board or strip, usually made of wood or other materials, such as wood-like plastics.

Where to buy lamellas?

When deciding to buy lamellas, it is advisable to use products from reliable companies. This way we will be sure that the product will be created from durable materials. In addition, established manufacturers have a larger offer, so it will be easier for us to find something for ourselves. One such company is VOX. It is also worth paying attention to the offer of Massoni.The full list of manufacturers we recommend can be found in the search engine of the Products for Home portal under the keyword "lamellas".

Advantages of lamellas

Characteristic appearance

Lamellas dynamize the space in an interesting way. They bring texture, pattern and character to walls, ceilings, furniture and other finishes.

Space division

Lamellas help to separate functional zones in rooms and create areas separated from the rest of the interior. In this way, for example, you can practically divide an open living area.


Lamella panels on ceilings, can improve the acoustics of a room by absorbing sounds and reducing echoes.

Where to use lamellas?

Walls and ceilings

Lamella panels can be used to cover walls, giving them texture and a unique look. They can be installed on the entire surface of the wall or only on part of it, creating interesting accents. On the other hand, installing lamellas on the ceiling can add elegance and style to a space.

Furniture and decorative elements

Lamella panels are used in the manufacture of furniture to give them a modern and unique look. They most often appear on fronts, countertops or side panels. Lamellas are also used to create decorative features, such as wall built-ins, bed headrests or mirror frames.

Lamele świetnie sprawdzą się do wydzielenia stref w pomieszczeniu

Lamellas are great for separating zones in a room

Photo: Zagórny Studio

Finishes of lamellas

Natural wood

In lamella panels made of natural wood, colors can range from light shades, such as natural oak or ash, to darker shades, such as walnut or mahogany.

Stained wood

Wooden lamellas can also be treated with a staining or painting process to produce a wide range of colors, from pastel to intense shades.

Wood-like plastics

Lamella panels made of plastic, such as PVC or MDF, can be available in a variety of colors, including shades that mimic wood.

Metal lamellas

In metal lamella panels, such as aluminum or stainless steel, colors can range from traditional metallic shades, such as silver or steel, to more creative ones, such as black or copper.

Lamele mogą być również wykonane z metalu

The lamellas can also be made of metal


How to lay the lamellas?

Prepare the surface

Make sure that the surface on which you will lay the lamellas is properly prepared. It should be even, dry and free of dirt. In the case of a wall, the surface should be primed. However, you do not need to paint it.

Measurement and planning

Measure the area where you want to lay the lamellas. Decide whether you will lay them parallel, perpendicular or perhaps in a completely different pattern. Make a plan so you know what lengths of lamellas you will need. If you are laying wooden lamellas, you can cut them to the appropriate lengths. Make sure all of them are even and well prepared for installation.

Evenness and spacing

Instal the lamellas with glue or mounting tape. Make sure they are aligned evenly and accurately. You can use a level for this purpose. Maintain even spacing for an aesthetically pleasing appearance and to avoid gaps that are too large. Apply glue or tape to the trim between the lamellas, and then stick it down to the lamellas. Repeat these steps until the entire intended surface is covered.


Once you have finished laying, you can varnish the lamellas, protect them with waterproofing or other methods suitable for the material from which the lamellas are made.

Lamele mogą występować w różnych kolorach

The lamellas can have a variety of colors


How big should be the space between lamellas?

The space between lamellas depends on several factors, such as the material, place of application, aesthetic preferences, etc. Most often, however, we leave about 2-3 cm between the lamellas.

How many lamellas are needed for 1m?

The number of lamellas per 1 meter can vary depending on the type of lamellas, their width and installation method. When designing or purchasing lamellas, it is worth paying attention to the manufacturer's specifications, which usually include information on the number of lamellas per 1 running meter.

For example, if you are have lamella panels with a width of 10 cm and the manufacturer specifies that each panel contains 5 lamellas, this means that on 1 running meter you will have 10 lamellas (because 1 meter / 0.1 meter per panel = 10 panels). Then the number of lamellas per 1 meter depends on how many lamella panels are in that space.

Are lamellas suitable for kitchen?

Yes, lamellas can be a suitable finishing material for the kitchen. However, keep in mind that this is a place with high humidity and risk of stains. So choose lamellas made of moisture-resistant and easy-to-clean materials. Lamellas can also be useful in regulating the amount of light coming into the kitchen and give the interior a unique look. In the case of a gas kitchen or one with an induction cooktop, it is important that the lamellas are not too close to the heat source to avoid the risk of overheating.

Lamele mogą być używane w kuchni, jednak warto wybrać te wykonane z materiałów odpornych na wilgoć i zabrudzenia

The lamellas can be used in the kitchen, but it is advisable to choose those made of materials resistant to moisture and dirt

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