Fashionable trends in interior and exterior finishes

Creating a beautiful facade of a building - whether it is a residential house, office or factory - is a very important finishing touch. The wide availability of a variety of materials, ranging from ready-made plaster, wood, steel, glass, stone ceramics, concrete, to various types of resins, panels gives great opportunities to make an interesting and functional facade or interior design.

Various types of Elkamino Dom wall tiles, floor tiles, terrace tiles, stair tiles and sill tiles are used to finish walls both from the inside and outside. The tiles are mainly made from cement, and we also offer decorative gypsum stone. Excellent quality components and extensive production experience guarantee the high quality of our products.

Stara cegła biała

Old white brick


Like an old brick

Tiles that look like authentic, aged brick are an absolute trend! They will find a great match in rustic interiors, as well as in spaces inspired by lofts and the atmosphere of old factories. They are also a great solution for terraces or stairs. Although the tiles look as if they were a hundred years old, they surprise with their utility qualities - they are resistant to weather conditions, very durable, and have a much smaller thickness. And it's hard to believe that this is not an old, antique brick! Our tiles reflect the original 19th century brick with its characteristic scratches, gouges and chipping. We have more than 100 designs! Brick has accompanied people for centuries, so the masonry made of it makes us feel good and safe.

Stara Cegła tiles are produced from the best quality materials, and their manual processing guarantees uniqueness. The distinctive color scheme means that the tiles will match different types of interiors or accessories on the facade. With them, changing the furniture, floor or wall color will not be a problem. They will present themselves superbly in any circumstances and will match the surroundings. The tile is only 1.5 cm thick.

Stara cegła stopnica

Old brick footer graphite


Milano tile

These are tiles with the structure of old brick in a modern edition. The delicate pattern allows it to be used in a wide variety of arrangements, in each introducing a bit more interesting atmosphere and giving them character. It is easy to install and available in 14 colors. It looks good both with and without grout.

Roman Tile

The pattern was created in cooperation with the respected architect Hernan Gomez. The inspiration came from Italian walls which for many years have created a unique atmosphere of cities attracting millions of tourists. Our tiles will bring a touch of charm taken from Italian architecture to your interior.

Stara cegła kafel

Old brick natural tile


Mini version

The "mini brick" t ile is many small bricks of 3 cm in size, forming an interesting mosaic. This unique product will work well in both modern and rustic arrangements. The fine pattern will add charm and delicacy to any interior and emphasize its unique character. The tile is available in 14 colors, so everyone will find the right tone for their interior.

Modne trendy
w wykończeniu wnętrz i elewacji

Trendy trends in interior and exterior finishing


Cement tiles "Plank"

Wood is a product that always evokes a lot of warmth and positive emotions. Our cement tiles perfectly reflect the color as well as the grain while giving durability, making them ideal for the living room kitchen bathroom as well as for the exterior facade. The cement material allows us to enjoy the eye for many years without much work. The tiles are available in 9 sizes which when combined give us a very natural effect.

African cement board - wildness of the heart

The 73x94,5 cmarchitectural concrete sl ab in the style of African savannah resembles the texture of elephant skin, and the characteristic incisions decorating it intensify this effect. The product will be perfect for interiors or as a finishing touch on the facade. Its unique pattern will introduce a touch of exoticism to any arrangement.

Modne trendy
w wykończeniu wnętrz i elewacji

Trendy trends in interior and facade finishing


Frez concrete tiles

The rawness of concrete finds itself perfectly among the latest trends. Due to its unique texture, architectural concrete has not gone out of fashion for several seasons. The secret of its popularity lies in its natural rawness. Each slab has a very distinctive texture, and the various pits, pores and discolorations created by the binding of concrete create a unique pattern. Fresco slab pattern combined with natural elements, such as wood metal or greenery, creates a unique interior. FREZ slabs blend perfectly with a wide variety of materials used in interior design. Thanks to their availability in different sizes, they allow you to combine them and create an interesting pattern on the wall. FREZ boards add class and unique character to the interior. Available in 4 colors of gray, various sizes, price: 39-87 PLN/piece.

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