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Elkamino dom is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality finishing materials that allow you to create unique interior designs. Our flagship product is decorative brick used as wall cladding and material for covering architectural details. Decorative brick for interiors is also available in the form of floor tiles. In addition, we offer brick terrace tiles, architectural concrete, façade stone and similar products. In addition, we sell accessories and chemistry for their installation and impregnation. The high quality of all the products offered translates into the durability of the finished arrangements and their sophisticated appearance. Arrangements using bricks for the wall are increasingly popular in the interior design industry and can be used both in homes and public buildings. Bricks for the wall are available in a variety of designs and colors, which translates into virtually unlimited decorating possibilities.

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We make sure that the solutions we offer are stylish and in line with the latest architectural trends. Materials such as wall bricks and decorative bricks for walls are currently very popular, as they go well with interiors decorated in the most fashionable styles. Classic red decorative brick will be a great background for industrial and modern arrangements, but also minimalist or Scandinavian, especially one with rustic elements. Also, traditional native manor house architecture gains when a cladding that imitates natural materials - brick or stone - appears on the walls. In addition, there are elements in white or shades of gray, which perfectly combine classic and modern. Similar versatility is demonstrated by architectural concrete and other products present in our offer. Wall bricks of appropriately matched color and texture can create a unique mood and diversify even austere interiors in an interesting way. Such a solution is no longer intended only for austere loft-style arrangements, where red brick reigned supreme. Nowadays, even elegant and modern spaces are enriched with decorative brick elements for the wall, and decorative brick for interiors is becoming an increasingly frequent guest in our homes and workplaces.

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