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Upholstered panels
are a relatively new product on the market of wall coverings. Nevertheless, thanks to their undoubted attractiveness both visually and in terms of usability, they have gained enormous popularity extremely quickly. Today it is almost an absolute must have for any apartment or house.

Ściana z paneli
tapicerowanych Custom Space z nieregularnym wzorem w sypialni

Custom Space upholstered panel wall with an irregular pattern in the bedroom


What are upholstered panels?

Upholstered panels are a combination of wood-based board, flexible polyurethane foam and upholstery material. They are made in the form of individual elements (modules) that form a whole only at the installation site. They can be made in almost any size with very high dimensional precision, which allows them to fit into any space.

Zagłówek łóżka
z paneli tapicerowanych Custom Space

Custom Space upholstered panels bed headboard


Transform your interiors

Visual qualities are certainly one of the biggest advantages of upholstered panels - thanks to them, interiors acquire a unique character and warmth. The multitude of applications means that they can be used in most rooms in the house. A modern and elegant headrest in the bedroom, a soft and cozy upholstery by the child's bed, a comfortable seat in the hallway, or a modern and original TV wall in the living room are just a few examples of applications.

Panele tapicerowane
Custom Space w kształcie rombu w pokoju dziecięcym

Custom Space upholstered panels in a diamond shape in a children's room


Upholstered panels are also undeniable useful qualities. Their structure makes them extremely soft and comfortable. But that's not all...

Upholstered panels in the role of wall cladding, thanks to their silencing and sound attenuating properties,
will be perfect as wall filling in a media room, a small home theater or as a form of acoustic insulation from a noisy neighbor.

They are also perfect as a form of thermal barrier when installed on an exterior wall inside a building.

Nowoczesna ściana telewizyjna z wykorzystaniem paneli tapicerowanych

Modern TV wall using upholstered panels


Installation of Custom Space upholstered panels

Themodularity of upholstered panels and their structure makes the individual elements relatively lightweight. As a result, assembling even large elements will not be a physical challenge. No specialized equipment or expertise is needed for installation. Most often, the panels are installed using mounting glue - this is the cheapest, but nevertheless at the same time the most solid form of installation. Panels can also be mounted with double-sided adhesive tape, as well as with mounting Velcro (such a solution gives the possibility of quick removal).

Regardless of the chosen form, the installation is extremely simple and can be done by almost anyone.

Panele tapicerowane Custom Space – aranżacja wnętrz Panele tapicerowane Custom Space – aranżacja wnętrz

Custom Space upholstered panels - examples of arrangements


About Custom Space

We realize the ideas and fulfill the dreams of customers in the field of interior design with the help of upholstered panels produced by us. During several years of activity, we have completed thousands of projects, which allowed us to refine our products to perfection. Every year we expand our assortment, adding more types of upholstery materials and more sizes and shapes to the standard range of upholstered panels. All this in order to be able to meet the requirements of our customers. We invite architects, designers, furniture manufacturers and individual customers to cooperate with us.

For more information, visit the company's CUSTOM SPACE page on the PdD portal.