Custom Space was established due to the growing market demands in the field of interior design and furnishings. We focus our business mainly on the segment of upholstered products, which we use in very different, often unconventional ways. This is evidenced by our products, including, above all, upholstered wall panels, which we make to size.

We also offer many standard products, but the foundation of our business is custom solutions, which we design and make to individual order. This is how we create custom headboards and upholstered panels for the wall, seat, or headrest for the bed. We prepare the products in close cooperation with the ordering party. We are here to help you realize your own ideas.

Why the custom variant?
We made the decision to focus primarily on personalized products in response to changing customer needs and the requirements of the upholstered furniture market. By participating in the implementation of custom projects, we create unique solutions that can be tailored to individual needs and expectations of the user each time. Thanks to this, the resulting upholstered wall panels, headboards and other furniture products perfectly fit into the space in which they will be used.

An additional advantage of custom upholstered products is the freedom with which we can use available materials, styles and technical solutions. Sometimes a seemingly insignificant change allows you to achieve an effect that you will not find in any store with finished products.

Original upholstered panels and other products
The products we offer have a very wide range of applications. They are used both for home use and in companies or public places.We work only with good quality materials from reliable suppliers, so we can guarantee that the offered upholstered headboards and wall panels will not only be presentable, but above all functional and durable. A wide range of materials as well as finishing options makes the products we create ideal for both modern rooms and more traditional ones.
Whether you are interested in an upholstered wall panel or a custom-made headrest for your bed, we encourage you to contact us or visit our headquarters in the nearby city of Katowice. We will help you choose the most optimal solution that will delight you aesthetically and functionally.

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