Architectural concrete - ideal for any interior

Architecturalconcrete is a material that has already made itself at home in our living rooms. It blends perfectly with a variety of materials without disturbing the harmony of the interior. Its undoubted advantage is neutrality and being a raw but natural background.

Concrete likes with wood, brick and steel. It suits modern interiors, loft, Scandinavian and industrial styles, but it is also used in eclectic and boho interiors.

Concrete Art® panels for your wall

GRC (fiberglass-reinforced concrete) concrete wall panels have been manufactured in Poland since 2013. They are frost resistant, non-flammable and extremely durable. They will successfully perform both on the fireplace and on the facade of the building.

An example of the use of Concrete Art panels in gray color

© Concrete Art

Thanks to two-stage impregnation, they are resistant to weathering for many years. They are distinguished by their naturalness and lightness (18 kg/m2) - the panels are only 1 cm long - they can be installed without any worries, both with mounting glue and with dowels or special hooks.

They are produced in five natural shades of gray or in custom shades. Thanks to the use of fiberglass and a refined proprietary blend, Concrete Art® panels stand out not only for their durability but also for their beautiful texture in three variants: smooth, medium porous and highly porous.

The shade pattern used in the products

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Installation of the boards is clean and fast using recommended adhesives to be purchased in our store. The slabs can be cut with a grinder and holes can be cut for sockets. Concrete Art® also manufactures slabs in non-standard formats and offers cutting and beveling of slabs for mosaics as well as kitchen and bathroom countertops, tables, flower pots and window sills.

Hexi S - honeycomb

© Concrete Art

Feel free to contact a qualified advisor at 792 345 412 or at You will learn how to safely and aesthetically install GRC panels in your home. Before each purchase, it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the qualities of the product, so we offer to send you a free sample book in available shades. We invite you to visit our store and website

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