Fluffo and walls are no longer just a backdrop

Fluffo 's soft acoustic panels take the form of carefully designed, colorful 3D shapes; glued next to each other, they form fanciful, soft compositions. A wide range of 56 original Fluffo colors allows you to create both vivid and subtle compositions. It is the colors that will define the character of the interior: subdued gray will allow you to relax, and intense red, green or pink will stimulate and inspire. Colors can be combined with each other - the possibilities are endless.

Fluffo for the home

The variety of shapes and colors of Fluffo panels, does not limit their use only to modern interiors. The panels will also work wonderfully in classic interiors - just choose the right shape and color. Contact us - we will prepare a project and help you choose a solution.

Fluffo Art

© Fluffo

Acoustics are important

All Fluffo panels are acoustic products with a high sound absorption coefficient. They will work perfectly wherever interior acoustics need to be improved: where there is a problem with echo, reverberation, din.

Fluffo Soft Diamond Edge - soft acoustic wall panels

© Fluffo

Thanks to the open-cell structure of the dense foam from which they are made, Fluffo soft panels absorb sound very effectively. Even a small composition of wall panels will not only change the design of a room, but also realistically improve its acoustic properties by muting reverberations. Fluffo panels are indispensable wherever you need to improve acoustics: a study for work, a TV lounge, a child's room or a bedroom.

FLUFFO IZO panels for sound insulation

Panels from the Fluffo IZO collection, not only beautifully decorate the interior, but also help isolate it from external sound sources. Thanks to the use of 3 layers of suitable materials, the panels simultaneously absorb sound and provide a barrier to it, working both ways: they do not let outside sound through and do not let it out of the room. They are an ideal solution wherever a neighbor can be heard behind a thin partition wall.

Fluffo IZO

© Fluffo

FLUFFO WALLPAPERS - soft, acoustic felt wallpaper

Wherever large areas intensify echoes - a staircase, a hallway, an upward-opening living room - Fluffo acoustic wallpaper works wonders.

Fluffo WALLPAPERS is a nice-to-touch, thick, high-quality wool felt that absorbs sound. Prepared on a special impregnated backing, it behaves like wallpaper - it is easy to lay, trim and the joints are almost invisible.

Fluffo TAPETA applied to large areas will help reduce reverberation. It is particularly effective in absorbing high-frequency sounds - and this prevents the spread of annoying, wheezing tones.

Fluffo wallpaper

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Fluffo is a Polish brand with a wide portfolio of decorative and acoustic products. Our products are innovative solutions, combining emotion, design and excellent qualities of use. They all have one thing in common. They are soft and pleasant to the touch. A wide range of products, shapes and colors will satisfy the most sophisticated tastes, and their acoustic properties will allow you to enjoy the comfort of sound in any place.

Fluffo. Soft Wall Factory. Go ahead, get cozy!

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