An alternative to wallpaper? Check out wall graphics

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  1. Large-format wall graphics are a great alternative to traditional wallpaper.
  2. Graphics can be made, for example, from canvas, vinyl or paper.
  3. Wall graphics can be personalized in terms of size and design.
  4. Wall graphics with acoustic backing decorate, but also quiet the room.
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Are you bored with traditional wallpaper? Are you looking for an interesting wall decoration? Check out large-format wall graphics!

Grafika z ciekawym wzorem doda charakteru wnętrzu

Graphics with an interesting pattern will add character to the interior

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What are large format wall graphics?

Wall graphics are large-size paintings, illustrations or photographs that are used to cover walls or other large surfaces. They can be printed on a variety of materials, such as canvas, vinyl, paper or other specialized printing materials.

Thanks to advanced digital printing technologies, high-quality, high-resolution images can be produced, allowing detailed graphics to be created without sacrificing image quality. As a result, large-format wall graphics have become a popular way to personalize spaces and create interior with a unique character.

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Wielkoformatowe grafiki ścienne mogą być dostosowane do wnętrza

Large-format wall graphics can be customized to fit the interior

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Types of large-format wall graphics

Canvas graphics

Often used for reproductions of artwork, fine art photographs or prints. The canvas can be stretched over a wooden frame and mounted on the wall as a piece of art or a decorative piece.

Vinyl wall stickers

This type of graphics is distinguished by its easy application. You can easily remove the old graphic and replace it with a new one. Vinyl stickers can also be decorated with custom designs or cut to fit different room sizes and shapes.


Large-format wallpapers can be made from a variety of materials, such as paper, vinyl or fabric. They are available in a variety of designs and colors, so they will fit an interior of any style. They can also be custom printed to fit specific wall dimensions.

Wielkoformatowe grafiki ścienne mogą przedstawiać np. krajobrazy

Large-format wall graphics can, for example, depict landscapes

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3D graphics

They create an impression of depth. They can be printed on special materials that give a three-dimensional effect, making the room seem more spacious and visually interesting.

Wall graphics with acoustic backing

They combine a decorative function with the improvement of acoustics in the room. Their main purpose is to absorb sound, reduce reverberation and improve the overall sound quality in a room.

Panoramic mural paintings

These large-format graphics are printed on special durable fabric or vinyl. They can depict panoramic views, landscapes or other large-scale photos.

Grafiki ścienne są bardziej wytrzymałe niż tradycyjne tapety

Wall graphics are more durable than traditional wallpaper

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How do large-format wall graphics differ from wallpaper?

Both wall graphics and wallpaper are forms of wall decoration. However, they differ in many ways. Graphics can be printed on various materials, such as vinyl, canvas, fabric, special acoustic materials, etc. Wallpaper, on the other hand, is usually made of paper or vinyl. They can have different thicknesses and textures, but tend to be less diverse in terms of materials than large-format graphics. These coverings also vary in terms of designs. Graphics can depict custom images, patterns or even photographs. Meanwhile, wallpapers most often have a repeating pattern printed on long rolls. Large-format wall graphics are also more resistant to bending and tearing than standard wallpaper.


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