White, gray or anthracite? Slats in the new version

The oak shade of the floor, the three-door closet, or even the yellow pillows arranged on the sofa - each element of the interior is important, affecting its climate and our mood. Walls also play an important role. Finishing them, we can decide whether they will be only the background of our daily life, or we will make them the protagonist of the foreground. In both cases, Linerio lamella panels in monocolors, a novelty in the VOX brand's offer, will work perfectly.

So far, Linerio slatted panels have been available in three shades of brown: Natural, Mocca and Chocolate. These colors go well with any interior - with their help you can create both a cozy bedroom, an elegant living room and a functional home office. Now, to further emphasize the individual character of different spaces, the VOX brand offers Linerio in a new version. Monochromatic shades: white, gray and anthracite are a timeless way to make effective and elegant arrangements. The panels are available in three sizes: S, M and L, differing in the width and depth of the tiers.

Guarding privacy

The bedroom can be whatever we decide - the most private space in the house or its spectacular interior. Regardless of the choice, M-Line panels will be an interesting design element. They will effectively highlight the wall behind the bed and thus take care of our privacy. Thanks to their acoustic parameters, Linerio will perfectly soundproof the space. The white color of the panels will make celebrating mornings even more pleasant, and the rays of the rising sun falling on them will give the wall a first-class look.

- In the bedroom, Linerio slatted panels take care of the unique visual effect and protect our privacy. In the photo, M-Line panels in white.


White is generally associated with cleanliness, which has a pleasant effect on our senses, especially in the morning when we start the day. It reflects light, which awakens life and makes the interior energized. Today's trends of eco, scandi and offwhite arrangements have taken a great liking to this white with rhythmic lineation on the wall. Such a wall is calming on its own, but it is also an attractive decoration for the room and no longer requires anything additional to create an aesthetically pleasing and cozy space above the bed," Margaret Bernady, Head of Visual Concept Team at VOX, says about the interior.

Designate your space

A home office is a private command zone where we unleash our creativity and realize ourselves. Therefore, we expect it to be filled with peace and quiet when needed. The trio of S-Line, M-Line and L-Line panels combined on a single wall effectively suppresses outside reverberations, so no unwanted sound will tear us out of the creative process. In turn, the depth of the anthracite color will take care of the unique, elegant character of the interior.

- Linerio perfectly delineate zones in interiors. In the photo, the combined S-Line, M-Line and L-Line panels in anthracite color.


Anthracite in itself may not be a strongly activating color, but that was not its purpose here. The modern office operates with spot light focused on the work area, rather than illuminating the entire room. The whole is atmospheric and plunged into twilight. On the other hand, the lamellas in this case, through their decorative, irregular, even musical rhythm, are an attraction to the eye and an inspiration that stimulates creative thinking," Margaret Bernady, Head of Visual Concept Team at VOX.

Tailored to fit any interior

Living room. This is where we usually relax, meet with household members or invite guests. Spending time in it, we want it to be a cozy, comfortable zone for everyone. In order to create a space where being there is pure pleasure, well thought-out solutions and matching elements are needed. One of them can be L-Line panels in gray, which, depending on the color of the furniture, will provide a calm effect or a dynamic contrast of the arrangement. Combined with green plants, even gray can create a cheerful atmosphere in the interior. Thanks to the possibility of trimming the slats, Linerio does not have to cover the entire wall from floor to ceiling at all, but only the height we choose to suit the parameters of the furniture.

- Linerio lamella panels can be conveniently cut to the desired lengths. Pictured is L-Line in gray.


The description of gray as a boring color has probably long lost its validity and is not true, especially since its shades are plentiful, and modern design probably does not use any other color palette as intensively as just gray. This color is just as good solo in different textures, as well as in duet with any of the chromatic colors. It loves green and so it was suggested in this session. The mustard yellow of the furniture completed the look, as the whole turned out to be sunny, warm and comfortable not only for the eye, but for all the senses. Thelamellae arranged gives protection to the wall, a decorative geometric break and introduces a decorative, rhythmic pattern as a backdrop for the whole room - Malgorzata Bernady, Head of Visual Concept Team at VOX.

If our living room is kept in light tones, it is worth paying attention to S-Line panels in white color. They will make the room appear higher and more cozy. In addition, they will match any changes in decor, since white is timeless.

Linerio lamella panels can cover the entire wall or a selected part of it.
The picture shows S-Line in white.


Such separation of wall fragments usually does the composition good, but it is also an actual separation in the space of a zone, which, marked symbolically in this way, becomes even more visible. This is a very popular and often used solution in both contemporary and stylish interiors - Małgorzata Bernady, Head of Visual Concept Team at VOX.

The availability of monocolors in the Linerio lamellas range means even more design possibilities for almost any interior. The chance to adjust to the specifics of a particular room, its height and prevailing tones makes us able to realize any interior dreams. In this way, we will create spaces where we will enjoy relaxing, working and spending time with loved ones.

More wall inspirations using Linerio lamellas and other VOX brand wall solutions can be found in VOX stores and on vox.pl.