Slats in the interior - space clearly divided

27 of June '22

Slatsare vertical decorative strips, usually made of wood, which are installed in the open space, creating a kind of openwork, or against the wall and under the ceiling. This solution is both decorative and very functional.

Lamele oddzielające pomieszczenie Lamele oddzielające pomieszczenie

Slats separating different spaces of the house

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Modernity of lath walls

These elements are sometimes associated with wainscoting, popular during the communist era. Nowadays they are created from MDF panels and have a completely different design. They can also be made of metal or even plastic. Vertical slats come in a variety of colors and textures.

Their simplified form can easily fit into the current arrangement, or create a new, interesting space, as this element is able to refresh the interior and give it amodern character without much interference.

In addition, they have a very important advantage - they disperse sound, so the interior loses unnecessary reverberation. Thus, they will work well in open spaces, living room or bedroom making it even more comfortable.

Lamele przyścienne Lamele przyścienne

Harmonious looking wall slats

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An element of many styles

Wood in the interior makes the space elegant and has a timeless look. It blends perfectly with other materials, such as glass, stone and various types of wallpaper or paint. This is also the case with wall fins, which will warm up any space.

They will go well with both Scandinavian-style interiors and those in the Mid-Century Modern style. Wooden slats combined with concrete are also a harmonious duo, which will fit perfectly into loft interiors.

The laths can be placed in different positions, both vertically and horizontally, parallel to the wall or even the ceiling.

Lamele oddzielające poszczególne części pomieszczenia Lamele oddzielające poszczególne części pomieszczenia

Slats separating different parts of a room

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Openwork wall

An excellent solution is to use laths as a kind of openwork partition wall. In this way you can divide the space of one large room, creating semi-private spaces, or separate, for example, the kitchen with dining room from the living room, the dressing room from the bedroom, or replace the staircase balustrade with them. With this solution in the separated zones, we will maintain sufficient light access.

Lamele oddzielające schody Lamele oddzielające pomieszczenie

Laths of different materials, separating different areas of the house

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What kind of laths should you choose?

Slats should contrast with the color of the wall, so as to emphasize their unique character. Panels with a uniform structure and shades of light wood will be suitable for modern interiors. Combining them with a strong background color, we will create an impression of spaciousness. By attaching them to a wall in a pastel shade, or simply white, we will arrange a harmonious, cozy atmosphere of the place.

There are also brushed wood laths, which will be an ideal addition to boho or rustic style interiors. Metal and plastic laths can be painted in any color.

Installation of lath panels

Lamellas are quite simple to install. Some of them do not require drilling into the walls. Ready-made laths are mounted to the wall with special glue or tape. So we avoid a renovation mess and do not incur the cost of hiring professionals.

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