Living room wall - interesting solutions

Are you decorating or renovating your living room? The selection of furniture, lighting or textiles are all very important stages of interior design, and it is unlikely that we forget about them. However, very often we forget about one more issue that is crucial to how the living room looks in the end. We are talking about... the arrangement of the wall. That's right! Walls do not have to be boring - on the contrary! They can be a very important part of the living room design. Today we have for you some interesting solutions that may inspire you.

How to arrange a wall in the living room?

There is actually quite a lot ideas on how to arrange a wall in the living room - you do not have to decide on the usual, most popular, but also quite banal paint. There are many more interesting solutions that will make the arrangement of your living room even more interesting.

However, in order to achieve an aesthetic and stylish effect, it is worth remembering two rules. First, always think carefully about whether the wall you have dreamed up will match the overall design of your living room. For example - a red brick wall may not be the best choice for a glamour style, and a romantic wallpaper with subtle flowers will not necessarily work in an industrial interior.

Also remember not to overdo it. Strong accents, such as lath, brick or other eye-catching elements, look best if they are placed only on one of the walls, or on a section of it. Let the other walls remain neutral, that is, for example, painted in a light, casual color.

7 ideas for arranging a wall in the living room

How to arrange a wall in the living room? See our 7 ideas on how to make your living room arrangement more interesting and unique. Here we go!

  1. Brick on the living room wall

Brick on the wall can make the arrangement seem warmer, and the interior will become cozier and more homely. For example, a red or stained graphite or anthracite color will go well with an industrial interior. If you are afraid that the interior with such an accent on the wall will look too heavy, you can also opt for a whitewashed brick or painted light gray - such a decoration will look good even in a bright and minimalist Scandinavian interior.

Cegła na ścianie komponuje się z wieloma stylami wykorzystywanymi do aranżacji pokojów dziennych

Brick on the wall blends with many styles used for living room design

Photo: Beazy © Unsplash

2. Living room wall decorated with wood or stylish laths

Wood never goes out of fashion! Years ago it was extremely popular in the form of wainscoting, which was fondly used to line hallways and staircases in homes and apartments in the 1990s. Today, trend for wainscoting is gone. However, wood on the walls has returned to us in a refreshed, modern and much lighter form, namely in the form of laths. Lamellas are delicate, decorative planks (usually vertical) that are mounted on a section of wall. Lamellas fit into many arrangements - modern, Scandinavian or boho.

3. Fancy and classy patterned wallpaper.

Wallpaper is a great way to spice up your interior design! This type of wall decoration is available in countless patterns and colors, so you can match it to almost any interior. Among the most fashionable are floral and geometric patterns. The right wallpaper will completely transform your living room!

Odpowiednio dobrana tapeta pięknie ożywi aranżację całego wnętrza

Properly selected wallpaper will beautifully enliven the arrangement of the entire interior

Photo Dan Gold © Unsplash

4. With a touch of sentiment - photo gallery on the living room wall

If you want to change something in your living room, but prefer a solution that won't require a mess-generating renovation, a good solution may be to arrange a mini photo gallery on the wall. All you need to do is buy some frames in different sizes and put photos, pictures, posters, children's drawings or whatever you like into them. Such a personal gallery, if arranged with taste, will be an amazing decoration for your living room.

Ściana wypełniona obrazkami i zdjęciami to spersonalizowana i atrakcyjna wizualnie ozdoba pokoju dziennego

A wall filled with pictures and photos is a personalized and visually appealing decoration of the living room

Photo by Jonny Caspari © Unsplash

5. Subtle elegance - panelled wall

Are you decorating your living room in classic or glamour style? Make the interior even more elegant! Put a lamella up to half of the wall - it will look great, for example, decorated with delicate stucco. Paint the upper part of the wall with color that matches the arrangement, or cover it with wallpaper, which will further enrich the interior design. Such a paneling not only looks great, but is also very practical. It is often much easier to keep it clean than a wall painted with traditional paint.

6. Modern wall in the living room - 3D panels

3D panels are a visually attractive wall decoration, which is great for modern interiors. Such panels are great as an element to be placed on a section of the wall - for example, around the TV or in another area of the arrangement that you want to emphasize. Rooms with walls covered with 3D panels give the impression of being cozy and warm.

7. Closer to nature - a moss wall

Are you trying to make the arrangement of your living room as close to nature as possible? A good idea would be to use wood, but if you are looking for something more original, arrange a panel of natural moss on one of your walls. Not only do moss walls look beautiful, but they are also very good for the air condition in the interior and regulate humidity levels. Importantly - this kind of decoration is made of specially crafted and protected moss, so it is completely maintenance-free - you do not need to water or sprinkle it.

Ściana z mchu nie tylko wygląda świetnie, ale również bardzo dobrze wpływa na stan powietrza w pokoju dziennym

The moss wall not only looks great, but also has a very good effect on the air condition in the living room

Photo by Robert Stemler © Unsplash

As you can see, classic paint is not the only way to arrange a living room wall. Which wall decorating idea appealed to you the most?

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Compiled by:OLGA TRĘDOTA