Classical style - exquisitely decorated interiors

02 of March '22

Classic interior design follows simple rules. It is orderly, balanced, rich in accessories, textures and finishes. However, it has nothing to do with old-fashioned unattractive arrangements. A classically decorated interior is ideal for a comfortable, contemporary home.

Klasyczny styl ma wyjątkowy charakter

The classic style has a unique character

© Stephen Packwood

Inspired by the past

This style originated in European culture, with inspiration drawn from Victorian style, art déco and even ancient Greece and Rome. Combined with modern touches, you will get an elegant and sophisticated interior design.

Duże okna ozdobione mięsistymi zasłonami dodadzą wnętrzu elegancji

Large windows decorated with fleshy curtains will add elegance to the interior

© Marcin Jastrzębski

The most important features of a classic style interior

An interior in this style will perfectly suit people who love classics, art and authentic objects made of timeless materials. It embodies many of the best features of contemporary interior design, combining simplicity with traditional features to create pure strikingly beautiful spaces that remain in our memory for a long time.

Classic furniture

Furniture in this style is a skillful combination of modern and classic, with natural materials serving as a bridge between the two styles. Items suitable for this type of interior always present sophistication. Delicate fretwork and recesses emphasize the reference to the past and their simplicity of form and color adds distinction and modernity. Wall panels are often placed on the walls - clearly, but not obtrusively emphasizing the aesthetics of the interior.

Piękne żyrandole i ciemne meble to wyjątkowo eleganckie elementy wystroju

Beautiful chandeliers and dark furniture are extremely elegant design elements

© Poseidon72

Exclusive accessories

There is a powerful force in accessories and small elements. Stylish wall sconces often made of brass or other authentic material, glass or shiny metal will also fit extremely well. Light is also fundamental - you can hang a stylized chandelier from the ceiling and place a floor lamp in the corner. Natural lighting is also key in this type of arrangement, and the windows themselves can become a key design element. That's why it's very common to use expressive long curtains of thick material, which highlight the windows during the day and add privacy after dark.

Order, symmetry and balance

Order and balance are key features of classic interior design. Two side-by-side tables can serve as one large table. For example, try placing two identical armchairs at an equal distance from the table, creating symmetry.

Focal point

A large mirror, a wooden sculpture, an expressive piece of art hung on the wall or a beautiful wooden table can serve as one focal point. Remember that while creating a focal point, other objects nearby should match it. A good example is a fireplace surrounded on both sides by matching armchairs with a decorative mirror above. A wall painted in a different color than the rest of the room can also serve this function. This interesting procedure will help further highlight the wall, on which you can then place the central decoration.

Natural colors

Colors common in the classic style of interior design are generally inspired by nature. Shades of yellow, blue, green and brown, and even softer, muted colors such as terra cotta, gray and pink are very welcome here. White is also a common color in classic interiors. If you want to achieve a more authentic, classic look, choose a broken shade, and for a modern touch, a cold hue will work better.

Elegant fibers

Aclassic style represents elegance in itself. When choosing classic fibers, remember that they are not overly decorative and do not attract attention. Examples of fabrics used in this type of interior are velvet, linen and cotton. The floor is usually wooden, stone or brick. Marble will also add a unique chic touch here.

Elaboration: Dominika Tyrlik

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