Furniture fronts and 3D panels tailored to your needs

Kobax® company is a leading manufacturer of furniture fronts, interior window sills and 3D panels.

We produce foiled, lacquered, natural veneer fronts, furniture display cases, bent fronts - all to ordered dimensions. Kobax is also one of the largest suppliers of articles for the furniture industry - boards, countertops, furniture accessories from the best manufacturers.

Witryna meblowa

Furniture showcase


Kobax was established in the cradle of furniture craftsmanship - Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, and has specialized in the furniture industry since 1977. Over the years and changing trends of "furniture fashion", as well as newer and newer solutions used in the furniture industry, we have always remained at the forefront.

Panele 3D jako lamele oraz
panele 3D jako fronty

3D panels as laths and 3D panels as fronts


We have always tried to meet the challenges and introduce many innovations. After so many years on the market of the furniture industry, nothing has changed in the philosophy of our company, the greatest emphasis is still on quality, design and the most important factor, that is - the standard of production.

Maskownica grzejnikowaz MDF

MDF radiator grille


In order to meet the growing demand for our products and to adapt to each customer, we constantly invest in the latest machinery and technologies.
Thanks to such solutions, we can produce customized fronts in the dimensions specified by the customer.

By constantly following the changing trends in the industry, you will find all the market novelties at Kobax. High quality based on the highest world standards is the result of the implementation of the latest technologies, the expansion of the machinery park and observation of the market.

Komoda z witrynami szpros

Crossover dresser with showcases


Nowadays, we realize how valuable each customer's time is, so our offer also includes furniture accessories and everything needed to make a piece of furniture in one place. Our wide range of hinges, drawer rollers, handles, LED lighting and other furniture accessories will satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes of customers. With us you will find products from all leading manufacturers at excellent quality and price. Our offer also includes furniture boards and countertops. We cut, process and finish all materials according to the individual customer's request.

Fronty ryflowane, art. 160

Fluted fronts, art. 160


We work closely with both furniture manufacturers, architects and individual clients. The most important thing for us is to match the ideal offer for everyone, so we are constantly supplementing our rich assortment.

We are proud that our offer is gaining such a wide base of consumers, so check us out too! We invite you to cooperate with us!

Formore information, visit the company's Zakład Handlowo-Produkcyjny „KOBAX” page on thePdD portal.