AvanTech YOU - a drawer as unique as YOU

Personalization is a trend that is pushing hard in almost every area of our lives. Each of us likes to surround ourselves with objects that match our tastes and character, and to receive tailored services. The same principle applies to interiors, design and furniture. Especially kitchen ones. Here the matter is even more difficult because kitchen furniture, in addition to being beautiful and stylish, must still be extremely functional.

Profile dekoracyjne - jednym ruchem ręki dokonasz wizualnej transformacji

Decorative profiles - with a flick of the wrist you will make a visual transformation


Technology meets design

Style in the kitchen can be expressed in many ways. Not just with color, texture or material. In modern furniture, design is also hidden behind drawer fronts, which can impress, as can a sophisticated veneer, acrylic or an attractive furniture silhouette. By definition, we expect drawers to be functional and durable, but the design aspect is increasingly becoming of great importance. Drawers need to be as visually appealing as the entire furniture structure. After all, in a piece of furniture every detail matters - from the designer front to the subtle and functional hardware.

AvanTech YOU w wersji Inlay

AvanTech YOU inlay version


With help comes intelligent technology that is subtle and unobtrusive, yet moves furniture, dampens the sound of its operation, can emphasize its comfort of use and bring out its extraordinary beauty. This is what makes it possible today to realize modern and unique furniture designs, not just kitchen furniture. It is important that it remains completely invisible, and at the same time does not limit the designer's vision.

Wielokrotnie nagrodzone oświetlenie LED do szuflad AvanTech YOU

The award-winning AvanTech YOU LED drawer light


A drawer changes the face of a piece of furniture

The answer to the need for personalization is the AvanTech YOU drawer - a thin-walled drawer in which bringing ideas to life and responding to the needs of the furniture user is key. This is another element of personalization of furniture construction after color, solids, handles. What sets AvanTech YOU apart is the ability to build a dream drawer that complements the furniture in a fantastic way. There are 20,000 combinations to choose from. This product truly gives you tremendous design freedom.

Niezliczone możliwości personalizacji

Countless possibilities for personalization


The abundance of options in terms of personalization as well as colors, shapes and textures means that everyone can create a drawer just the way they like it. And attractive accents such as decorative profiles and decorative fillings add elegance and flavor to seemingly ordinary drawers. The sides of AvanTech YOU drawers can be interchanged at will, using a wide range of available panels. In the case of the Inlay version, it is the user who decides what the drawer sides will be made of. They can be glass or made of any 10 mm thick material of your choice. An additional aspect is the emotional play of light. This is because the decorative profiles can be replaced with LED profiles, which will gently illuminate the interior or sides of the drawer when opened. The LED lighting for AvanTech YOU drawers was awarded the Oscars of the design world this year and won the RedDot Design Award and iF Design Award.

Szuflada AvanTech YOU w wersji biurowej

AvanTech YOU drawer in office version


Hidden technology

In the Hettich AvanTech YOU drawer, the adjustment mechanism is hidden in the side of the drawer, so it does not disturb the aesthetic perception. You won't find any plugs or adjustment screws here. The free design is due to the drawers' slim and straight lines. Drawers are clipped onto specially designed Actro YOU and Quadro YOU slides. You can't see them either when you open the drawer, and their functionality allows for very precise adjustment of the drawers' operation. This technology means that absolutely nothing interferes with the visuals of the drawer when it is opened. The Hettich AvanTech YOU drawer allows you to transform your furniture and interiors into something completely unexpected, and will work perfectly in kitchens or bedrooms, as well as in bathroom furniture, children's furniture and closets. In fact, almost every day a drawer can look different. However, regardless of whether you often change its character, it will always be consistent with the design of the furniture.

For more information on AvanTech YOU drawers, please visit: www.hettich.com

AvanTech YOU Inlay w wyspie kuchennej

AvanTech YOU Inlay in a kitchen island


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