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A composition of beauty and durability - Corian®.

06 of December '23

Official distributor of Corian® Design

In the world of interior design and architecture, choosing the right finishing materials is crucial. The ideal solution is a composition of beauty and durability. At CCI - guided by more than 30 years of experience in the Solid Surface materials industry - we choose Corian®.

Blat roboczy i bar z Corian® Nuwood

Corian® Nuwood worktop and bar.


Global quality network

Corian® Solid Surface is a non-porous surface material made from a blend of natural minerals and acrylic polymers - available in more than 100 colors in EMEA markets. This highly ductile and durable material is patented by the American company DuPont™, which for centuries has guaranteed the quality of global brands such as Kevlar®, Lycra® and Teflon®.

Wyspa kuchenna i blat z Corian® Sand Storm

Kitchen island and countertop with Corian® Sand Storm


Plastic and thermoformable

The durability and versatility of Corian® Solid Surface make it a material of frequent choice in commercial and individual projects. With Corian® we will create countertops and facings, but also unique furniture or decorative architectural elements. Corian® can be bent, cut, milled, glued and seamlessly joined, giving it an individual character, forming it into any pattern and shape - perfectly matching the customer's requirements and design vision.

Umywalka Foggia zintegrowana z blatem Corian® Cosmos Prima

Foggia washbasin integrated with Corian® Cosmos Prima countertop


High hygiene

The visual appeal of Corian® is combined with a high standard of hygiene. The material is confidently implemented in commercial spaces - catering establishments, hotels, spa areas, but also in medical facilities, operating rooms and laboratories. Corian® is authorized by the NSF (National Sanitary Foundation), is certified by NSF/ANSI 51 and 61 for food contact, and meets international standards ISO 22196:2011 and ISO 846:2019 confirming its antimicrobial properties and resistance to fungi and microbial growth.

Umywalka Corian® Design w kolorze Glacier White

Corian® Design washbasin in Glacier White color


Eco-friendly and sustainable

Corian® is GREENGUARD certified, meets stringent criteria for low chemical emissions and contributes to improved indoor air quality. It is manufactured using responsible sourcing practices and consists of 100% recycled pre-consumer material. At the end of its useful life, it can be recycled or reclaimed to produce new products. In addition, Corian® is a renewable material - its surface can be refreshed by sanding the top layer and its accidentally damaged parts can be replaced without a trace.

Lada recepcyjna z Corian® Sand Storm

Reception counter with Corian® Sand Storm


Potential and confidence

Our many years of exposure to Corian® material makes us place unlimited trust in it. We are involved in its distribution and fabrication, as well as in design, service and consulting. We have developed a suite of proven design solutions and a proprietary collection of finished washbasin forms, including the Cahaya Design brand. We invite you to discover the potential and beauty of Corian® Design together.
One material, unlimited possibilities.

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