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Schock granite sinks - design and quality not only for the kitchen. SCHOCK HAND MADE IN GERMANY

16 of December '23

Schock granite sinks are a creation that is a combination of quartz sand, the hardest component of granite, and high-quality acrylic.

Zlewozmywak Cristadur® Toledo D100 XS + bateria Laios 517.120 Cooper + dodatki w kolorze Cooper

Cristadur® Toledo D100 XS sink + Laios 517.120 Cooper faucet + accessories in Cooper color.


More than 45 years have passed since the first Schock granite sink was manufactured. During this time, a lot has changed in technology and kitchen design, but what remains the same is that we are constantly improving our products. The result - Schock granite sinks are extremely hard, resistant to scratches, scrapes, impacts, low and high temperatures, hygienic, safe for us and the environment.

Zlewozmywak Cristadur® Signus D100 L w kolorze Magma w wersji na równi z blatem

Cristadur® Signus D100 L sink in Magma color in a flush version.


And to think that it's just a sink that is our inspiration, made of the most extraordinary natural granite from the Bavarian Forest, created in harmony with nature and with every generation in mind. Each sink is a handmade work of art Handmade in Germany.

More than 80% of carefully selected quartz particles, the hardest component of granite, combined with the highest quality acrylic and pigments is how the recipe for granite sinks based on Schock technology could be stated in a nutshell.

Zlewozmywak Cristadur® Mono N100 w kolorze Stone + bateria Piega 547.121 z wyciąganą wylewką + wkładka stalowa z ramką

Cristadur® Mono N100 sink in Stone + Piega 547.121 faucet with pull-out spout + steel insert with frame


All materials offered by Schock are subjected to very rigorous testing in its own and independent laboratories, as evidenced by numerous approvals and more than 90 open patents.

Zlewozmywak Cristadur® TIA D100 LS w kolorach białym (Polaris) i czarnym (Magma) z dodatkami w postaci deski czarnej z tworzywa (29184), deski drewnianej (629044), ramki (629727), funkcjonalnych wkładek w kolorze czarnym (629728)

Cristadur® TIA D100 LS sink in white (Polaris) and black (Magma) with accessories such as black plastic board (29184), wooden board (629044), frame (629727), functional inserts in black (629728)


Materials of the highest quality, design for the most demanding, a wide range of colors and practical accessories are the offer of the German company Schock the undisputed leader in the production of granite sinks addressed not only to the kitchen but also to the garden kitchen or laundry room.

Zlewozmywak Cristadur® Greenline Kalio M-100 w kolorze Day+ bateria Resi Stal nierdzewna

Cristadur® Greenline Kalio M-100 sink in Day+ color Resi faucet Stainless steel


Schock now offers sinks in three types of material - Cristadur® and Cristalite+® - as well as the latest Cristadur Sink Green®. Sink Green ® technology is a submission to even stricter environmental standards, in order to use renewable energy sources to become even more independent and protect the environment - "our way to the future with the future".

We cordially invite you to cooperate with us!

For more information, visit the company's CCI Sp. z o.o. dystrybutor SCHOCK page on the PdA portal.

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