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Exceptional furniture, doors, countertops, accessories and decorations - above average quality and unique design!

16 of December '23

Furniture and home goods with character

We invite you to discover the unique world of the SEART GROUP brand, combining two remarkable shopping spaces: and, whose common denominator is above-average quality and unique design of furniture and articles for the home.

At seart .pl you will find uncommon solid wood furniture. Their uniqueness lies in the solidity of the product according to proven carpentry solutions. Discover original beds, charming sideboards, sturdy tables, capacious closets and chests of drawers, and many other unique pieces of furniture, with which you can equip your living room, dining room, bedroom, office and hall.

Komoda sosnowa Rustyk 3/9, obraz 3D Słoń 2 -

Rustic pine chest of drawers 3/9, 3D painting Elephant 2 -


The Rustyk collection is solid, solid furniture, finished with brown wax that enhances the natural qualities of the wood. Hand-forged iron hinges and handles add a unique character to each product. With this furniture you will create an interior that exudes tradition and warmth.

Łóżko dębowe Urban Forest 4, szafka nocna dębowa Urban Forest 1 -

Urban Forest 4 oak bed, Urban Forest 1 oak nightstand -


Also noteworthy are the oak beds from the Urban Forest series, which use beams with authentic cracks.

Moving to the offer of, a space full of unusual sliding doors, furniture accessories and decorations opens up before you.

Drzwi przesuwne dębowe One Board Premium, prowadnica ścienna Vintage, uchwyt Larvik -

One Board Premium oak sliding door, Vintage wall runner, Larvik handle -


Sliding doors are not only a functional solution, but also a sophisticated decorative element. A variety of sliding systems are available: double and single-leaf, passing, folding, mounted to the wall or ceiling. A wide selection of slide designs from minimalist to rustic - for example, in the form of a horseshoe, allows you to choose a solution that matches the character of the room. You will find models of doors made of oak, pine, ash wood, as well as metal and glass. Each variant has its own unique features such as intentional corrosion of the metal or irregular edges and cracks in the wood.

Drzwi przesuwne dębowe Flinston, prowadnica ścienna Koło NGB, uchwyt Nerd -

Flinston oak sliding door, Kolo NGB wall runner, Nerd handle -


Reach for original wooden tops, use sturdy metal or wood legs and choose the right accessories, such as cast iron brackets or characterful handles and hinges, and create a unique piece of furniture tailored to your needs.

Drzwi przesuwne dębowe Szpros, prowadnica ścienna Roka NGB, uchwyty Vest, meble Factory Sosna -

Sliding oak Szpros door, Roka NGB wall runner, Vest handles, Factory Pine furniture -


The ability to modify individual models of doors and wood tops allows you to freely create in accordance with your individual style and the design needs of the room.

Meble Strong, nogi metalowe Kwadro Loft, blat dębowy Naturwood, dekoracje -

Strong furniture, Kwadro Loft metal legs, Naturwood oak top, decorations -


Offered furniture, doors, countertops or accessories and decorations are unique not only for the quality of workmanship, but also for the uniqueness and individual character they give to interiors. See for yourself the uniqueness of the SEART GROUP brand!

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