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A new era in creating unique designs with

12 of February '24

Nowadays, where the development of technology goes hand in hand with creativity, architects have unlimited possibilities in creating unique designs. For those who have always dreamed of total freedom in space design, is introducing a revolution in the sliding system market.

As the only supplier, offers individual sliding system components, giving everyone the chance to own something unique. The new offer relies on the creativity of architects, offering single sliding system components. Thanks to them, dreams of unconventional designs become even more real. Now the architect can literally shape his visions, selecting individual elements of the system according to the needs of the project.

In the offer of the store you will find the necessary components of the sliding system, such as rollers, guides, stops, rails or guides. Each of these components plays a key role in ensuring smooth movement, structural stability and safety of use.

Prowadnica ścienna do drzwi przesuwnych Grot czarna

Wall slide for Grot sliding doors black


Rollers are a key component in a sliding system, allowing the door to move smoothly and quietly. Thanks to the different types of rollers available, architects have the opportunity to adjust them to the specifics of the project, thus achieving the desired effect.

The stops are a key element that provides control over the range of movement of the sliding elements. Thanks to them, the design can be customized, and the use becomes more comfortable and safe.

Pojedyncze elementu zestawu systemu przesuwnego – grafika poglądowa

Individual components of a sliding system kit - overview graphic


Rails and guides are the foundation of any sliding system. They offer stability to the structure, as well as precise guidance of movement. In the store you will find different types of rails and guides to perfectly match the character of the designed space.

Guides are the element that gives security to the movement of sliding elements. Available in various forms, they allow full control over the opening and closing process.

Prowadnik dolny drzwi przesuwnych A-011

Bottom guide for sliding doors A-011


The availability of individual components of the sliding system, allows greater freedom in creating unique designs. gives you the tools to express your creativity and make your designs not only functional, but also aesthetic.

Our experts are also ready to support you at every stage of your project. Ask for advice, share your ideas, and we'll help you select the perfect individual elements to meet your expectations.

Thanks to the modern solutions offered by, architects can realize their visions without limits, while meeting the highest standards of quality and functionality. Discover the possibilities offered by the availability of individual elements of the sliding system and make your projects gain new quality and clarity.

For more information, visit the company's SEART GROUP page on the A&B portal.

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