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VIEFE furniture elements - because detail matters in interior design and decoration

11 of December '23


Modern furniture using Viefe elements
amaze with functionality and design

Architects, designers and all the people responsible for creating a new unique design, outdo each other not only in the creation of color combinations of carcasses and fronts, but also in the use of various additional modern accessories that enhance the aesthetic value. These include furniture handles, which are diverse in color and shape. Both handles of modern form and fashionable color, as well as stylized on the old, give great opportunities for interior design. Viefe company offers original modern and classic furniture elements, including in the form of handles and hangers. Because the detail matters!

Elementy meblowe VIEFE - uchwyt dwupunktowy ARPA 0583

VIEFE furniture elements - two-point handle ARPA 0583

© VIEFE | EJK Office

Furniture handles from gold classic to modern black

Gold gloss and brass colors, which were popular in the 1970s and 1980s, are making a comeback. They are being used more and more widely by designers not only in room furniture but also in kitchens, in combination with high-gloss fronts or dark wood colors.

Elementy meblowe VIEFE - uchwyt dwupunktowy VALLEY 0602

VIEFE furniture elements - VALLEY two-point handle 0602

© VIEFE | EJK Office

A new accent color is gold falling into a light brown (cava brass). They are joined by the colors brushed brass, brushed copper and the currently very popular matte black and gloss black, giving the furniture - in combination with appropriately selected fronts in colors with high-gloss surfaces - a noble, unique look.

Elementy meblowe VIEFE - uchwyt dwupunktowy FLAPP 0610

VIEFE furniture elements - two-point handle FLAPP 0610

© VIEFE | EJK Office

Used for tall cabinets, long slat or railing handles, combined with short handles of the same type, organize the interior while adding attractiveness.

Elementy meblowe VIEFE - wieszak ścienny BELT 7039

VIEFE furniture elements - BELT wall bracket 7039

© VIEFE | EJK Office

Wall hangers - original and modern designs from Viefe

In current interior design trends, there is an increasing emphasis on highly individualized interior designs. They are to strictly meet the aesthetic expectations of the user. Not only the living and functional interior - living room or kitchen - but also even small rooms - hallway, corridor - play a great role in the design of the whole apartment. Such a role as handles play in the kitchen, such a role in the hallway has wall hangings. Currently, it is difficult to find nice hangers on the market, the standard ones on sale have been known for many years, and there is a lack of new designs, following the latest trends in interiors.

Elementy meblowe VIEFE - wieszak ścienny BIRDD 7024

VIEFE furniture elements - wall hanger BIRDD 7024

© VIEFE | EJK Office

Viefe has come up with a whole series of new wall hanger designs. The design and surface finish alone indicate the direction in which design and color trends are going.

Elementy meblowe VIEFE - stoper drzwiowy LOW 8007

VIEFE furniture elements - door stopper LOW 8007

© VIEFE | EJK Office

Wood furniture elements - classics always in fashion

It is clear that natural wood is still in high demand, in various color variants, whether in natural colors or in stained surfaces. A rich collection (about 20 new models) varied colors and design matching with some groups of handles make these articles an attractive design addition to the interior.

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