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Appliances that make everyday life in the kitchen easier

02 of December '23


The German company ritterwerk, which has been in business since 1905, specializes in the design and manufacture of appliances that make everyday kitchen work easier. Its built-in products are particularly popular. Placed in cabinets, cupboards or drawers, they allow more free space in the kitchen, and only appear when in use.

It should be noted that the entire manufacturing process is carried out exclusively at the Gröbenzell plant near Munich, Germany. The company takes great care to maintain high quality standards, which translates into the durability of the manufactured products. They are given a 2-year warranty. The manufacturer also attaches great importance to functional design modeled after the Bauhaus period of the 1920s.

Chłodziarka do napojow BEEZER czarna

BEEZER beverage cooler black


Super-flat slicers

TheBFS 62 SR and SL slicers are designed to be built into a shallow first drawer under the worktop. The devices are made of metal and are distinguished by their design. When folded, their height is only 7.5 cm, which allows them to be installed in drawers with low sides (with a minimum drawer width of 45 cm).

As standard, the slicers are equipped with a reinforced universal corrugated knife with a diameter of 17 cm, designed for slicing a variety of articles. The thickness of slicing is infinitely adjustable from 0 to 14 cm. The devices are equipped with a tray for receiving sliced products and a pusher to protect fingers. A smooth knife for slicing dried, hard products (such as Parma ham) is available as an accessory.

Krajalnica do zabudowy BFS 62 SR, prawa

Built-in slicer BFS 62 SR, right.


Cordless built-in blenders

TheBHB 50 and vertico7 are battery-poweredblenders, so they give users great freedom when using them to prepare meals. Finally, when working in the kitchen, there is no restrictive power cord.

The blenders use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 2.1 Ah and a voltage of 7.2 V. Intelligent charging technology, which excludes the effect of creating overcharging, ensures their long life. An LED indicator shows the current charge level of the battery. Base stations that provide charging and storage of blenders are mounted in drawers. Their disassembly, for cleaning, is done without tools.

Blender bezprzewodowy BHB 50  Blender bezprzewodowy BHB 50

BHB 50 cordless blender


The blenders' housings are made of high-quality aluminum, only the handles are made of plastic for better ergonomics of use.

They can work at three speeds: 12,000, 9,000 and 6,000 revolutions per minute.

BVC 10 - pedestal retractable vacuum cleaner

Ritterwerk also offers a vacuum cleaner mounted in the pedestal of kitchen furniture - model BVC 10. The user does not have to bend down when cleaning the floor or bring a standard vacuum cleaner, which is usually quite cumbersome.

The device can be successfully, easily installed in the furniture already in use. To install it, you need a pedestal with a minimum height of 100 mm and a width that allows a cutout of 345 mm. The vacuum cleaner is powered by 230 V, so you also need to connect the cable with a standard home installation.

 Odkurzacz BVC 10 

BVC 10 vacuum cleaner


There are rollers on the back of the vacuum cleaner, which allow you to easily lift it up and out to change the bag. When it is lowered, the suction slot lies at floor level, so the vacuum cleaner does not move, as its position is fixed thanks to a cutout in the pedestal.

The vacuum cleaner is conveniently turned on by pressing a button on the front with the foot or brush, pressing it again stops operation. ritterwerk supplies optional accessories in the form of a 3-meter-long, 27-mm-diameter suction tube with a flat nozzle to connect it to the vacuum cleaner, as well as a brush and crevice tip. The crevice tip allows you to use the vacuum cleaner to clean hard-to-reach places, such as the insides of drawers, while the brush is used, for example, to clean the work surface.

 Odkurzacz BVC 10 

BVC 10 vacuum cleaner


BEEZER beverage refrigerator

A revolutionary freestanding beverage cooler that cools a bottle or can of beverage from room temperature to 7 degrees in minutes, 10 times faster than a freezer.

The cooling chamber holds a 0.75-liter wine bottle; the cooling itself is dry and clean, without the use of water, ice or other substances. The device can be controlled via an app. It is very modern in design and perfectly made.

The technology in which the device works is patented worldwide.

 Chłodziarka do napojow BEEZER biała

Beverage cooler BEEZER white


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