Leisure on the terrace all year round. Pergolas, awnings, glass roofs and facade blinds from SUNŻAL


A great way to protect your terrace from excessive sunlight. In summer, when the sun is at its zenith, the pergola provides pleasant shade, and - thanks to the use of special fabrics - protection from harmful UV radiation. The fabrics used in pergolas are not only equipped with a UV filter, but also completely waterproof. As a result, you can also use the terrace during rainfall. In the evening, on the other hand, you can roll out a side blind integrated into the pergola - which will shield you from the blinding glare of the low-lying setting sun.

Dach szklany VIDRO

VIDRO glass roof



Year-round protection for your terrace from sun, wind, rain and snow - enjoy your terrace whenever you feel like it. On a hot afternoon, roll down the sun blind of the roof and open the side glass enclosure for better ventilation. In the afternoon, when the sun is low over the horizon, roll up the roof blind and open the SUNSCREEN side vertical blinds. In the evening, when it gets cooler - close the sliding side walls and use the integrated LED lighting with adjustable intensity. When it gets cold, use the radiant heaters. Never again will you have to hide furniture and patio cushions for the winter!

Markiza tarasowa PONY

PONY terrace awning



Classic models with articulated arms and a rounded cassette, as well as brand new designs, with rectangular cross-sections adapted to modern construction. The best solution for shading a terrace in a situation when you do not decide to install a permanent pergola structure - beams and poles. As in pergolas, the fabrics used are waterproof and equipped with a UV filter. It is possible to integrate LED lighting in the arms and cassette of the device.

Rolety fasadowe

SUNSCREEN facade roller blinds



Mounted outdoors, they guarantee the best thermal protection against overheating, while ensuring even distribution of light in the rooms. Individual collections of fabrics are characterized by different degrees of openness (OF) - from 0% ( blackout fabrics) to 14% - making it possible to vary the degree of shading depending on the orientation of the glazing and the required performance. Thanks to the guiding of the fabric on the zipper (ZIP), the blinds can be characterized by wind resistance previously reserved for facade blinds.

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