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09 of November '23
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  1. A roof window is a type of woodwork placed in the roof of a building.
  2. Roof windows are popular in places where traditional wall windows are difficult or impossible to install.
  3. The choice between plastic (PVC) and wooden roof windows depends on a number of factors, including preference, budget, aesthetics and energy efficiency requirements.
  4. According to the construction law, a permit is needed to create a window.
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Roof windows bring not only sunlight into our homes, but also a breath of fresh air and a unique view of the sky. In this article, we'll take a look at the different types of roof windows, how to install them, and the benefits of buying windows made of diffrent materials.

Okna dachowe zapewniają dostęp do świeżego powietrza, widok oraz nasłonecznienie pomieszczeń znajdujących się na poddaszu

Roof windows provide fresh air, a view and sunlight to the rooms in the attic

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Roof window - a guide

What distinguishes a roof window?

A roof window is a type of woodwork placed in the roof of a building. It allows access to natural light and air in rooms under the roof, such as attics, lofts, or other utility rooms. Roof windows are popular in places where traditional wall windows are difficult or impossible to install.

The main advantages of roof windows are:

Natural light

Roof windows allow much more natural light to enter rooms under the roof compared to traditional wall windows.


Windows placed in the roof allow us to admire the sky, trees or surroundings from a completely different perspective than traditional models.


The use of roof windows allows fresh air to flow into rooms where it would otherwise be difficult.

Energy saving

Modern roof windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind and can help reduce the cost of heating and cooling rooms.


Roof windows add charm and character to interiors, giving them a unique look.

Property value

Adding roof windows can increase the value of a property, especially if they transform an unused attic into functional rooms.

Okna dachowe stosuje się w miejscach, w których tradycyjne okna ścienne są trudne lub niemożliwe do zainstalowania

Roof windows are used in places where traditional wall windows are difficult or impossible to install


From which company to choose good roof windows?

Choosing the right roof window manufacturer is very important for the quality and durability of the product. There are many reputable companies on the market that offer high-quality windows. One of them, for example, is VELUX, which has a long-standing reputation among customers. It is also worth considering the offer of companies such as FAKRO and Alusky. Before making a decision, it's a good idea to read other customers' reviews and consult a professional, and a full list of recommended manufacturers can be found in the Products for Home portal search engine under the keyword "roof window."

Types of roof windows


They open upward for easy ventilation.


They open to the side. This makes them easier to clean.


A combination of both of the above, offering different opening options.


They do not open. However, they provide light and a view.


These are large roof windows, often arched in shape, that provide a wide view.


They have special security features to provide greater security.

With automatic opening/closing system

This is a good solution for those who value convenience. Such windows are equipped with electric drives that allow remote control. Some also have rain and temperature sensors.

Okna umieszczone w dachu pozwalają nam podziwiać niebo, drzewa lub otoczenie z zupełnie innej perspektywy

Windows placed in the roof allow us to admire the sky, trees or surroundings from a completely different perspective

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Is it possible to install a window in an existing roof?

Yes, it is possible. However, before installing a roof window, we recommend that you consult a professional to assess whether the roof is suitable for it and whether changes to the roof structure are necessary. You'll also need to make sure there are no obstructions, such as supporting structures or wires. The opening must also be properly reinforced and sealed. Then, you may need to attach additional trim, such as moldings, casings or sills.

    Which roof windows are better - plastic or wooden?

    The choice between plastic (PVC) and wooden roof windows depends on many factors. Let's take a look at the most important ones.

    PVC roof windows are often more energy efficient than wooden ones. PVC is distinguished by its good thermal insulation, which helps maintain a constant temperature indoors. This also contributes to lower heating and cooling costs. True wood has natural insulating properties, but it may require additional thermal insulation. PVC roof windows are also more weather resistant, do not corrode and do not require painting. Wooden roof windows may require regular maintenance and painting to have the same durability and aesthetics. The choice between PVC and wooden roof windows also depends on aesthetic preferences. Wood has a natural charm and adds a cozy feel, while PVC windows are more modern and minimalist. PVC roof windows tend to be less expensive than those made of wood, both in purchase and in maintenance. This is because wood requires regular maintenance and painting, which increases costs in the long run.

    In conclusion, there is no single correct answer to the question of which roof window is better. The choice depends on personal preference, budget, our aesthetics and energy efficiency requirements.

    Dodanie okien dachowych może zwiększyć wartość nieruchomości

    Adding roof windows can increase the value of a property

    © Alusky

    How to choose a blind for a roof window?

    A blind is a practical accessory for roof windows that helps regulate the amount of sunlight and increase privacy in the rooms under the roof. You can opt for a blackout roller blind, which completely blocks the sunlight, or a perforated one, allowing light to gently enter the room. An interesting choice is also a pleated roller blind for a roof window, which consists of a pleated material and allows you to regulate the amount of light and provide privacy.

    Roller blinds for roof windows can be operated manually or with an electric motor. In the case of manual blinds, they are controlled by a chain or handle. Electric roller blinds can be operated with a remote control or a mobile app. Roller blinds for roof windows can be mounted permanently or on guides, allowing the blind to be raised and lowered freely. When buying a roller shutter for a roof window, it is important to measure the window accurately, so as to adjust the roller shutter to its dimensions. Installation of the blind should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

    Does breaking a window require a building permit?

    Yes, according to the polish Construction Law, reconstruction is understood as "the performance of construction works, as a result of which there is a change in the functional or technical parameters of an existing building object." Breaking a window in a building changes its parameters, so it requires a building permit.

    Okna dachowe dodają uroku i charakteru wnętrzom

    Roof windows add charm and character to interiors

    © VELUX


    In summary, there are many types of roof windows, including opening, tilting, pivot, and fixed windows. Choosing the right type of roof window depends on individual needs and building design. Of course, it's also a good idea to make sure your roof windows are properly installed to avoid water leaks and other problems.

    We encourage you to use the database of reputable and reliable Window Manufacturers we are building in the Products for Home portal, as well as the articles about doors and windows.


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