They know everything about doors!

Doors for every interior

The DRE drzwi brand has been producing doors for nearly two decades. In its daily operations, it combines a wealth of experience in producing durable, high-quality woodwork with a love of design and the ability to respond to changing trends.

DRE Nestor 12 w klasycznej bieli

DRE Nestor 12 in classic white


With annual sales growth and a presence in several international markets, it is one of the key players in the door industry in Poland. In doing so, it does not forget what is most important to the manufacturer - customer satisfaction.

Doors that are decorative

DRE's offer includes nearly fifty collections of frame and panel doors. Among several hundred models, everyone will find something for themselves. Although the designers focus on universality valued by customers, in DRE's offer you can find items that change the thinking about doors as an unobtrusive piece of furnishing. DRE encourages interior boldness by introducing unusual color schemes for doors: from pastel shades of beige and warm gray, through bold green and navy blue, to doors in matte laminates in anthracite and black.

 DRE Estra 7 z czarnymi szprosami

DRE Estra 7 with black muntins


For customers who appreciate minimalism in interiors, several years ago, the manufacturer introduced a door with a concealed frame. The ground-covered sashes of Sara Eco 2 and Profi, flush with the wall, can be covered with wallpaper or wall paint, achieving a disappearing door effect. The solution is particularly recommended for interiors with a lot of transitions, where the client wants to maintain harmony.

Timeless solutions

DRE also does not forget those who appreciate a universal and timeless product. Poles love white doors and DRE knows this very well. The company offers white doors in a variety of finishes and styles. Among the brand's bestsellers you can find Nestor doors with milling characteristic of the classic style, very minimalist matte UNI doors or doors finished in gloss laminates with a mirror effect.

DRE Estra 14 w modnym kolorze kaszmir

DRE Estra 14 in fashionable cashmere color


Some of these collections may be familiar to attentive viewers from several TV interior design shows.

For more information, visit the company's DRE Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.