Window system with an installation depth of 70 mm

The Euro-Design 70 window system is an economical solution for everyone. Five-chamber profile design and excellent thermal insulation parameters will contribute to lower energy consumption. A wide selection of profiles and a wealth of colors will meet the creative requirements of customers regarding the appearance of new windows.

PVC REHAU EURO-DESIGN 70 windows are characterized by a narrow profile design, which increases the surface area of the glass, giving us more light in the rooms. In addition, a wide range of colors and a large selection of shapes allows for almost unlimited design possibilities.

The system is used for countries such as France, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia. The system, thanks to the HDF coating, is resistant to UV radiation.

Features of the system:

- diagonal base of the frame rebate facilitates drainage and cleaning large cross-section reinforcements ensure high stability of the windows identical reinforcements in the sash and frame allow optimization of inventory,smooth, high-quality outer surface of the profiles
- HDF (High Definition Finishing) is easy to clean and maintain profiles available in many color variants from the KALEIDO COLOR palette
- Euro-Design 70 windows are a wealth of shapes and colors - for your creativity
- Be always relaxed and in a good mood - your windows protect you effectively from noise
- Euro-Design 70 windows are also about everyday thermal comfort and contribution to energy saving
- Don't waste your time cleaning the windows - the smooth outer surface of the window frame made with HDF (High Definition Finishing) technology makes the windows easy to clean and maintain



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- profile heat transfer coefficient Uf up to 1.3 W/m²K
- Sound insulation of the window: Rw (C; Ctr) up to 45 (-1; - 3) dB depending on the glazing unit used
- resistance to burglary up to RC 2 class
- profile depth of 70 - for slim windows appearance
- 5-chamber system
- glazing units up to 41 mm thick
- perimeter gaskets - for reliable protection against drafts and moisture
- air permeability - class 4
- watertightness - 9A
- resistance to wind load - B5.

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