Innovative PVC windows from the Platinum Design line - premiere of the year 2023

VIDOK 's latest products from the Platinum Design line are an offer dedicated to investors looking for solutions that are fully modern, energy efficient, functional and very attractive in terms of design, all of which are characterized by an extremely favorable price/quality ratio!

VIDOK's latest offering - the Platinum Design line - is an innovative solution that perfectly combines modern woodwork design with excellent thermal insulation parameters and high functionality. This is a completely new chapter in the production of PVC windows, which in this case in terms of appearance correspond to their aluminum counterparts, while maintaining a very attractive price of PVC windows.

PVC Windows VP 80 Platinum Design - ultra-narrow PVC profiles.

A distinctive feature of the latest PVC windows VP 80 Platinum Design from VIDOK is the ultra-thin profiles with a futuristic form - the sash is almost flush with the frame, something that could previously only be achieved with aluminum joinery. Thus, for the price of PVC windows, we get modern joinery, guaranteeing more light, which corresponds to the minimalist design of aluminum windows. And this is just the beginning of their advantages!

Innowacyjne okna PVC z linii Platinum Design - premiera roku 2023

Innovative PVC windows from the Platinum Design line - the premiere of the year 2023


Specifications of VP 80 Platinum Design windows

PVC VP 80 Platinum Design windows are characterized by the perfect design of the frame and sash assembly. As for the spectacular appearance of the windows of the Platinum Design line, it was achieved with the help of an extremely narrow reb ate - 9 mm. At the same time, the depth of the window sash is 80 mm, and the depth of the frame is 76 mm. It is also worth mentioning the high resistance of the windows to wind load (up to class C5) and rainwater (up to class 9A). Platinum Design windows are equipped with 4/18/4/18/4 double-chamber glazing packages with an extremely low heat transfer coefficient of the glass (Ug = 0.5 W/m2K). There is also an optional choice ofsafety glass, burglar-proof glass, soundproof glass and a warm frame. Particularly noteworthy is the 6-chamber profile design, which also guarantees an excellent heat transfer coefficient (Uw = 0.75 W/m2k). The whole is complemented by three peripheral gaskets. Platinum Design windows use high-end envelope fittings covered with a special anti-corrosion coating ROTOSILK. In addition, they are equipped with a number of functional solutions, such as an anti-balance catch, window tilt lock, handle misplacement lock, microventilation. There is also a choice of DESIGNO concealed hardware and RC1 or RC2 class anti-theft hardware.

Platinum Design line - environmentally friendly windows

Due to the way the profiles are made, excellent thermal insulation parameters and narrow profiles, VIDOK's Platinum Design line also meets standards in the field of sustainable development. Thanks to the thin profiles, more light enters the room, which saves on the cost of interior lighting. Meanwhile, the low heat transfer coefficient of PVC VP 80 Platinum Design windows allows for a significant reduction in heating costs. It is not difficult to see that the latest
windows from VIDOK are simply made for passive and energy-efficient construction - that is, environmentally friendly.

Wide range of personalization of VIDOK's Platinum Design woodwork

Personalization of windows from the Platinum Design line includes both construction elements, such as the type of glass used in the glazing packages (e.g., burglar-proof or soundproof glass) or the type of window hardware (e.g., DESIGNO concealed hardware). In terms of the appearance of the window frames, you can choose from dozens of colors available in the Standard or Premium group. At the same time, there are veneers perfectly imitating the color and structure of natural wood, as well as smooth colors characteristic of aluminum windows. The windows of the Platinum Design line are also offered in a two-color variant!


Platinum Optima Sliding Doors - a comprehensive offer

In addition to windows from the Platinum Design line, VIDOK also offers Platinum Optima sliding doors, which are a perfect complement to the latest window offer. These are lift-and-slide structures equipped with double-chamber glazing packages with low-emission glass up to 48 mm thick.
The Platinum Design line developed for the 30th anniversary of the VIDOK brand is a combination of effective technology and sophisticated design.
We are not waiting for the future. We create it.

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