Outside and into the room. Hörmann brand doors

Hörmann offers doors for both residential and facility construction. We manufacture first-class exterior and interior doors for all rooms in the house, as well as fire and multi-functional doors for public facilities. From this wide range, we present exterior and room doors.

Thermo means warm. But not only...

ThermoCarbon aluminum exterior doors are ideal for energy-efficient and passive houses, as their UD heat transfer coefficient is as low as 0.47 W/(m2∙K). The 100 mm thick board is filled with PU foam, and the inner leaf profile is made of a carbon-fiberglass-based composite. The 111 mm thick aluminum frame is equipped with a thermal baffle also filled with PU foam. The ThermoCarbon model combines the highest technical parameters with exceptional design. Highly impressive are the aluminum and stainless steel appliqués and handles recessed into the door panel, with which they form a flush plane. Some of them are strikingly illuminated. ThermoCarbon doors are offered in RC 3 burglar resistance class as standard, and RC 4 as an option.

Bezprzylgowe drzwi drewniane BaseLine, kolor biały RAL 9016

BaseLine rebate-free wooden doors, color white RAL 9016

© Hörmann

The ThermoPlan Hybrid model is a door with exceptional rigidity and sash stability, as the exterior is made of powder-coated stainless steel. This prevents the sash from deforming even with large temperature differences between the inside and outside of the building. A feature that distinguishes these doors from other models is their perfectly flat appearance - both from the outside and inside they form a single flush plane with the frame. They also provide very good thermal insulation - the UD coefficient reaches up to 0.78 W/(m2∙K). They are offered as standard in the RC 3 intrusion protection class.

ThermoSafe Hybrid doors have a similar design - the outside of their leaf is made of powder-coated stainless steel. A distinctive feature of this model is also that the designs without glazing have an RC 4 burglar resistance class as standard. Like every model of Hörmann aluminum doors, they meet the criteria for doors for energy-efficient homes - UD is as low as 0.87 W/(m²-K).

Bezprzylgowe drzwi drewniane DesignLine Concepto, kolor popielaty RAL 7037

DesignLine Concepto rebate-free wooden doors, RAL 7037 ash color

© Hörmann

Another aluminum door model is ThermoSafe, which is safe (RC 3 as standard) and energy-efficient (UD as low as 0.87 W/(m2∙K)). It owes this to a 73 mm thick aluminum door panel and a frame with an 80 mm deep thermal baffle, as well as a system of multiple gaskets. This level of thermal insulation is also achieved by Thermo65 doors with a 65 mm thick steel leaf.

Of particular note are ThermoSafe aluminum doors with Decoral surfaces, which faithfully reproduce the appearance of three types of wood (wild oak, Attic Wood and Attic Wood gray), light cement and rusty patina. These imitations of natural materials are perfectly matched with an elegant frame in stylish black or any RAL color.

Hörmann aluminum exterior doors are offered in many modern designs. They can be matched to the garage door and can be installed with side and/or top lights.

Drzwi stalowe w stylu loftowy

Loft-style steel doors

© Hörmann

Variety of lines

Room doors from Hörmann are characterized by a very sturdy, stable construction and attractive design. They are offered in four design lines: BaseLine, DesignLine, ClassicLine and GlassLine, so they can be matched to interiors of different styles.

Doors from the BaseLine series are available with different types of surfaces. In addition to the extremely damage-resistant Duradecor surface in smooth and structured versions, natural wood veneers and high-quality lacquered surfaces in various colors are also available. The doors of the DesignLine series are ideal for apartments decorated in a modern style. Three elegant surface finishes - ultra-matte, slate or linen textured - and five colors open up a wide range of design possibilities. The ClassicLine series consists of a palette of classic designs. Some, made according to the traditional art of carpentry, are designed for interiors decorated in a classic style, while others, emphasizing simple elegance, also suit modern interiors. The GlassLine series, which is completely different, is a door with a door panel made of solid glass. They give the living space an open character and bring a lot of light into the interior.

Drzwi zewnętrzne ThermoSafe Decoral, jasny cement

ThermoSafe Decoral exterior door, light cement

© Hörmann

New to the Hörmann range are loft-style steel doors for living and office spaces. Their modern minimalism is the result of a harmonious combination of glass and steel. Using loft doors together with side elements and overhead lights of the same nature, you can build a sizable wall without losing the qualities of open space.

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