What to pay attention to when buying blinds?

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  1. Among the products for indoor use, we have a choice of Roman, day and night, blackout and blind roller blinds.
  2. When buying an exterior cover, we have a choice of roller, roller, screen or awning blinds.
  3. In addition, we can opt for cassette, vertical or pleated roller blinds.
  4. External roller shutters are effective in protecting against the heat.
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Roller blinds are not only practical tools for regulating the amount of light and privacy in rooms, but also an important decorative element that can significantly affect the look and feel of an interior. Whether you are furnishing a new apartment, modernizing existing interiors or simply want to refresh the arrangement, the right choice of blinds can make a significant difference to the final visual and functional effect of your room.

Choosing roller blinds

Where to buy roller blinds?

Choosing roller blinds from a proven manufacturer will translate into better quality, performance, durability and aesthetics of the product, resulting in greater satisfaction with the use and final appearance of your interior. One of the companies we recommend is Fabrol. Other manufacturers worth noting are Solis System and Fart Produkt. The full list of manufacturers we recommend can be found in the search engine of the Products for Home portal under the keyword "blinds".

Wśród produktów przeznaczonych do użytkowania wewnętrz mamy do wyboru rolety rzymskie, dzień i noc, zaciemniające i żaluzjowe.

Among the products for indoor use, we have a choice of Roman, day and night, blackout and blind roller blinds.

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Types of roller blinds

Internal roller blinds

- Roman blinds: They consist of a canvas that floats when raised, forming regular folds.

- Day and night blinds: Consist of two layers of fabric of different transparency, which can overlap to provide varying degrees of shading.

- Blackout blinds: Made of fabric that completely blocks out light. They are perfect for bedrooms.

- Blinds: Consist of horizontal, movable slats that can be adjusted to control the amount of light entering a room.

External blinds

- Burglar shutters: Robust, damage-resistant roller blinds that also act as a security feature to prevent unwanted people from getting inside.

- Roller shutters: Consist of sheet or coil material that wraps around a roller located above the window.

- Screen roller shutters: Made of perforated fabric that allows light filtration and visibility to the outside, while providing privacy in the room.

- Awning blinds: Exterior blinds in the shape of an awning that protect against sun and rain, both on windows and on terraces.

Cassette roller shutters

Contain a casing that hides the blind material and mechanism when it is raised.

Vertical roller shutters

Consist of vertical, movable lamellas, which are mainly used to shade large glazed areas, such as balcony doors.

Pleated roller blinds

Made of accordion-folding material. They allow different shading options.

Kupując osłonę zewnętrzną mamy do wyboru rolety antywłamaniowe, rolowane, screen lub markizowe.

When buying an outdoor cover, we have a choice of anti-burglary, roller, screen or awning blinds.

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How much do day and night blinds cost?

The price of roller blinds depends on the size, color, material, type and installation method. On average, the price of a day and night roller blind in the size of 40 x 100 cm is in the range of PLN 60-100.

Pleated roller blinds or day and night?

Not sure which blinds to opt for? Take a look at our comparison.

Shading and privacy options

Pleated roller blinds allow different levels of shading depending on how you extend the blind. They provide good shading, but don't offer the same precise lighting control as day and night blinds. With the ability to apply two layers of fabric with different transparency, day and night blinds allow you to adjust the lighting in a room more precisely. They can be adjusted to provide full or partial shade, or to completely expose the window as needed.

Appearance and style

Day and night blinds are distinctive because of their two layers of fabric, which give them a unique look. They are often chosen for modern interiors. Pleated roller blinds are more minimalist. Their accordion-folding fabric gives the room an elegant and neat character.


Pleated roller blinds are ideal for various types of windows, including roof windows and hard-to-reach areas. They are also popular in offices and commercial spaces. Day and night blinds are a versatile solution that fits many types of windows and rooms. Their ability to adjust the level of shading makes them popular in bedrooms, living rooms and other places where it is important to provide optimal light and privacy.

Both pleated blinds and day and night blinds are practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions for shading windows. Pleated blinds offer simplicity and a modern look, while day and night blinds allow for more precise control of light and privacy.

Do exterior blinds protect against the heat?

Yes, exterior roller blinds are a great means of protecting against the heat. The effectiveness of their protection depends on the type and material of the exterior blinds, as well as how they are installed. Here's how exterior roller blinds help protect rooms from excessive heat:

Reducing solar radiation

Exterior roller blinds, such as awning blinds, screen blinds or blackout blinds, made of suitable materials, absorb and reflect solar radiation that would otherwise penetrate the window and heat the interior. This keeps the rooms cooler.

Thermal insulation

Exterior roller shutters create an extra layer of insulation between the glass and the room, which helps minimize heat transfer into the interior. This layer prevents the glass from heating up and warming the room.

UV protection

Some exterior blinds are made of materials that block ultraviolet radiation. This protects rooms from the harmful effects of UV and minimizes fading and damage to furniture, carpets and other decor.

Cooling the air outside

By covering windows from the outside, roller shades reduce the direct heating of the air outside. This, in turn, helps keep temperatures lower around the building and reduces the amount of heat that penetrates inside.

Rolety zewnętrzne chronią przed upałem

Exterior roller shutters protect against heat


What is the difference between blinds and shutters?

Roller shades and blinds are two different types of window coverings that are used to shade and regulate lighting indoors.


Roller blinds consist of a single material (e.g. canvas, fabric) that wraps around a roller located above the window. They can be adjusted using a cord mechanism or a motor that raises and lowers the blind. Blinds, on the other hand, consist of horizontal, movable slats that can rotate around an axis. The lamellas can be raised and lowered using a cord or chain mechanism.

Appearance and style

Roller blinds have a more minimalist and simple appearance. When they are fully lowered, they form a uniform surface on the window. Blinds have a distinctive look with horizontal slats that can be set at different angles to form a grid on the window.

Ability to regulate lighting and privacy

Roller blinds provide good shading, but do not allow for fine adjustment of lighting. They can either be fully raised or lowered. Blinds offer more precise control of lighting and privacy. By rotating the slats, you can adjust the angle of the light, and provide partial or full exposure of the window.

Durability and wind resistance

External blinds, can be more susceptible to damage from high winds and exposure to the weather. Roller shutters, especially external ones, are more resistant to wind and weather.


Roller blinds are usually mounted on window recesses or walls above the window. Blinds, on the other hand, are mounted on window recesses or directly on the window frame.

Rolety dostępne są w wielu różnych kolorach

Blinds are available in many different colors

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Roller blinds for roof windows

Roller blinds for roof windows are specially designed window covers that fit over roof windows. These blinds have various functions, including shading, UV protection, thermal insulation, light and privacy regulation. In particular, it is worth paying attention to blackout blinds for roof windows. They provide complete shading of the room. They are perfect for bedrooms, where complete blackout is needed to ensure a restful night's sleep, especially when the roof windows are exposed to intense sunlight. Roller blinds for roof windows are available in different sizes and colors to perfectly match roof windows from different manufacturers. Make sure you choose the right blinds for your specific roof window model to ensure a perfect fit and functionality. Installing a blind for a roof window can be more challenging, so consult a professional installer to ensure proper installation and operation of the blind.

How to install a roller blind?

  1. Make sure you have a complete roller blind kit, including the cover, mechanism, brackets and a set of tools (e.g. drill, screwdriver, level).

  2. Measure the width and height of the window recess carefully to make sure the roller blind will be the right size.

  3. Open the blind and place the brackets along the top edge of the window recess. The brackets should be evenly spaced to provide stable support for the blind.

  4. Mark the places where the screws should be placed, and then drill the holes for attaching the brackets with a drill.

  5. Mount the roller blind mechanism on the brackets, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  6. Make sure the mechanism is correctly positioned and firmly attached.

  7. Open the roller blind and place its shaft on the mechanism.

  8. Make sure the roller blind is evenly distributed across the width of the niche and operates smoothly.

  9. If the blind has a light adjustment function, make sure the lamellas or fabric move freely.


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