Four ideas for using glass panels and sliding doors in interiors

05 of December '23

Glass panels and sliding doors allow modern and flexible shaping of space. Where to use them?

Master bedroom with bathroom

Master bedroom consisting of a bedroom combined with a bathroom is a solution that came to our homes from hotels. This arrangement owes its popularity primarily to the fact that it is extremely comfortable and gives the bedroom a unique character. Remember, however, that moisture from the bathroom should not spread throughout the room. Its excess can cause the formation of pathogenic fungus on the walls. So you should separate the bathroom area with a subtle glass wall. This will solve the problem of moisture, while maintaining the effect of an open space. To provide a sense of privacy, on the bedroom side, install a curtain on the wall.

Ścianka uchroni sypialnię od wilgoci

The wall will protect the bedroom from moisture

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An open kitchen is a solution used for many reasons. It saves space in small apartments, and creates a stylish and spacious arrangement in larger ones. However, we must not forget about practical aspects. Odors, noise and mess can disrupt even the most thoughtful arrangement of the living area. So it is worth taking care to separate the kitchenette with a delicate wall. Choosing a model with industrial muntins will additionally enliven the interior, bringing a strong decorative accent to it.

Wydzielenie aneksu pozwoli na zatrzymanie zapachów

Separating the kitchenette will allow you to keep the smells away from living area

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A glass wall does not necessarily have to be transparent. Made of slightly smoky glass, with the addition of a special coating that increases reflections in the manner of a mirror, it will be ideal for separating a wardrobe in the bedroom. This type of filling will gently blur the contents of shelves and hangers, on which it is difficult to maintain perfect order.

Przydymione szkło idealnie pasuje do aranżacji garderoby

Tinted glass perfectly suits the closet arrangement

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Home office

In everyday life, it is crucial to clearly separate leisure time from work. However, what if you work from home on a permanent or hybrid basis? The solution may be to designate a separate space for a home office using a glass wall system. Such a solution will certainly allow us to focus better and improve our productivity. On the other hand, when work is finished, the annex can easily "disappear". All you need is a curtain hung on a curtain rod mounted along the wall. Another interesting solution is to hide the workplace in a suitably configured section of the cabinet. Such a solution will work well when you have a small area.

Kącik do pracy możesz stworzyć nawet w szafie

You can create a work corner even in the closet

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