How to arrange a functional dressing room?

Katarzyna Szostak
13 of September '22

Depending on the material, clothes require different storage. Some we fold, some we hang, some we arrange. The key to creating a functional and comfortable closet, therefore, is furniture and accessories designed to store different things.

Pull-out baskets and openwork drawers

Systems made of wire work especially well because they provide free air circulation. As a result, stored clothes stay fresh and smell nice for longer. However, this is not the only advantage of baskets and openwork drawers. In addition, they facilitate organization and optimal use of space. They are mounted on sturdy running systems that guarantee light movement and full extension even when fully loaded. The baskets are available in many sizes, so even really large items such as blankets, towels and bedding, as well as sweaters and T-shirts and even bags can be stowed in them. This makes them easy to fit into any closet or built-in closet.

Ażurowe kosze

Openwork baskets


Hangers for pants

Completely different storage conditions are required for pants. If you fold and stack them, you will make it difficult to access them. To take out the pair laid on the bottom, you will have to rearrange several other pairs. Besides, pants made of more delicate materials are better not folded. The solution is special drawers with hangers for pants. Mounted on a stable slide, the system allows you to hang up several or even a dozen pairs at once. The possibility of full extension makes it much easier to access them. The pant drawer is available in several sizes and colors.

Wieszaki na spodnie

Pants hangers


Shoe storage

Often, we keep these less-used shoes locked up in cardboard boxes. As a result, many pairs get deformed, while others - fall into oblivion. In order to keep shoes close at hand - easily accessible and ready to wear - it is worth opting for a special drawer with shoe racks. In appropriately shaped, pull-out openwork racks you can set both sports shoes and those for more formal outings.

Szuflada na buty

Shoe drawer


Lighting in the dressing room

When designing a closet, there is one more thing to keep in mind - lighting. Even in the best-organized closet, you won't be able to find anything if there is darkness in it. The most commonly used overhead lighting, is not at all the most convenient one. So what kind should be used?

- LED strips! Without a doubt torosolution allows you to best illuminate all parts of the closet, even its nooks and crannies. Very often it turns out that the upper lighting does not adequately illuminate the area under the haunches, and after all, dressing rooms are often arranged there. In addition, looking for small items in the drawers, we ourselves obstruct the overhead light. LED strips allow us to avoid these problems. Mounted, for example, in plinths and under shelves, they perfectly illuminate them," explains Joanna Posadzy from REJS.

Also worthy of attention are the switches. In addition to the traditional ones mounted in the walls, it is worth opting for proximity switches. They will turn on the light when the dressing room door is opened and turn off when it is closed. This is a very functional and economical solution. Thanks to it, you can forget about an unswitched light.

Oświetlenie w garderobie

Lighting in the dressing room

Photo by Chastity Cortijo © UNSPLASH

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Elaboration: Katarzyna Szostak

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