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PORTA 4 LIFE door collection - inspired by nature

01 of September '23

The PORTA 4 LIVES collection, inspired by nature, was created by the PORTA CX Design Team with your customers in mind. The door models they propose fit into all the currently most popular interior styles.

4 ŻYWIOŁY P/ POWIETRZE Model P.3 w białej Okleinie Podkładowej

4 LIVES P/ AIR Model P.3 in white Primer Veneer


Every interior is a different element

When working on 4 LIFE CX Design Team's goal was to create a collection that would allow everyone to realize the need for a designer interior. It's a story where unique needs and personality are expressed in the interior. Because your customer's home, is their element. Decide which one he is, and choose the perfect door for him. With everything you need included.

Designed as a set

Doors from the 4 LIFE collection were designed with deep respect for the needs of the user. It's a convenient solution so you can have everything in a set. From a carefully selected selection of colors, through a matching door frame, to a perfectly matched handle and other hardware. For such a set, you can choose perfectly matching stucco or floor moldings.

4 ŻYWIOŁY Z/ ZIEMIA Model Z.1 w Okleinie Naturalny Dąb Matowy

4 LIVES Z/ EARTH Model Z.1 in Natural Oak Matte Veneer


A collection at the intersection of nature and technology

4 LIFIFERS is a collection inspired by nature, its diversity. It combines natural beauty with functionality and materials of the highest quality. 4 LIFE is four unique door collections that tell their own story about the elements EARTH, FIRE, AIR and WATER. In each of them, colors, textures and sophisticated details play an important role.

What element is your customer?

Subdued contrasts of FIRE, magnetism of EARTH colors, unforced elegance of AIR or captivating simplicity of WATER? And what is the element of your customer? Decide which one he or she is, and we will choose the perfect door for you from PORTA's innovative 4 LIFE collection.

4 ŻYWIOŁY O/ OGIEŃ Model O.7 w Okleinie Dąb Sherman

4 LIVES O/ FIRE Model O.7 in Sherman Oak Veneer


EARTH - for those who value nature and harmony

This is a story about what relaxes us and promotes rest, where colors calm us and help us regain balance. It's a story about cozy interiors that create a pleasant atmosphere thanks to warm hues.

AIR - for those seeking lightness and space

This is a story about a harmonious interior with a unique character. The collection stops a new look at the classics, referring to the enduring vintage trend. It is distinguished by subtle colors, delicacy and matte finish.

FIRE - for those fascinated by loft interiors

This is a fascinating story about what is untamed, but also creates a safe space. This is an invitation to create an interior free of schemes: modern and industrial at the same time.

WATER - for those who appreciate simplicity and minimalism

A simple pattern in the form of linear milling that emphasizes the white, smooth sheet of the door. A perfectly balanced design that will emphasize and complement natural home interiors and make them brighter and optically larger.

4 ŻYWIOŁY W/ WODA Model W.1 w białym Lakierze UV Premium Plus

4 LIVES W/ WATER Model W.1 in white UV Premium Plus Lacquer.


See all models from the 4 ŻYWIOŁY collection at:


Exterior doors are the hallmark of any home, showing the character and style of its inhabitants. These doors must not only perfectly match the architecture of the building, but also function as an aesthetic announcement of what hides inside. The PORTA THERMO collection offers complete personalization of the entrance to the house, without any restrictions.

PORTA THERMO Model LINE L.1 w kolorze Czarnym

PORTA THERMO Model LINE L.1 in Black.


Durability, security, energy savings and refined design - all these are combined in the PORTA THERMO collection, meeting the highest expectations for exterior doors. You can customize the appearance of the door wings using an intuitive online configurator, which gives you full freedom of arrangement. Choosing a door has never been so easy and accessible.

Specially designed
SolidTherm composite

Using a unique composite construction, PORTA has created exterior doors with low thermal transmittance and therefore higher energy efficiency.

The SolidTherm composite is a specially designed blend of ABS and fiberglass, which gives high rigidity, durability and strength to the door structure. It gives the door excellent thermal insulation while maintaining its flexibility.

PORTA THERMO Model GLASS G.1 w kolorze Woodec Dąb Turner

PORTA THERMO Model GLASS G.1 in Woodec Oak Turner color.


Because of its high strength, this high-tech composite is used in automotive technology or medicine. It is a material with so-called "memory". In the event of an impact, it does not deform permanently, but returns to its original shape. This composite has no admixtures of biological origin, so it does not absorb water, remains highly stable and does not swell. It is a 100% recyclable material.

Tailor-made design
and personalization of the entrance to the house

The PORTA THERMO collection offers 16 different door models, each available in 7 trendy colors. This includes sleek black and anthracite, perfect for modern, minimalist buildings, and warm wood tones that emphasize traditional architecture. Door leaves can be plain, with elegant glass, subtle fretwork, stylish inserts or decorative stucco. Even the level of thermal insulation can be adjusted according to personal preference.

PORTA THERMO Model CLASSIC C.2 w kolorze Czarnym



Whether your interiors have a minimalist spirit, exude natural warmth, or allude to a japanese or classic vintage style, the PORTA THERMO collection will easily fit into any design. It was created with the latest interior trends in mind, so that the entrance to the house is always fashionable.

The decor of the hallway will be well complemented by interior doors from the 4 LIFE collection, inspired by the motifs of fire, air, earth and water. Each model is a well-thought-out design, created with design thinking in mind - creatively and with empathy.

PORTA THERMO Model MODERN M.2 w kolorze Antracyt

PORTA THERMO Model MODERN M.2 in Anthracite color.


Conveniently configure PORTA THERMO exterior doors at:

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