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Steel doorframes in industrial interiors

03 of May '21

An excellent alternative to traditional frames.
From the series "Window and door trends 2021"

Industrial-style interiors have captured the hearts of young, bold and unpretentious people. In turn, the streets of cities have filled up with restaurants and hotels decorated in this style. This is because it is extremely impressive and at the same time original. It allows designers a fair amount of extravagance and madness. It is usually used in the design of old townhouses or the invariably immensely popular - lofts. Some people may consider that such arranged interiors are too cool or not particularly cozy, nevertheless - they still arouse great interest among both designers and bold investors. What are the most characteristic features of this style?

Undoubtedly, it is characterized by large spaces in usually high rooms. Here we do not put walls that separate rooms - cutting them completely unnecessarily. On the contrary - in large, interconnected rooms we only designate certain zones. Industrial style likes concrete, raw plaster and brick, but above all steel! This is why you can so often find there glass walls in steel frames, which give the interior character. Steel door frames are also perfectly matched with them.

An excellent alternative to traditional door frames

Door frames of this type are not only extremely durable, but above all they are a distinctive element of interior design. Thanks to the fact that they are resistant to mechanical damage, corrosion or moisture, it is a practical solution for many years. Due to their parameters, they are an ideal choice for both new and older buildings that require renovation thought through to the smallest detail. Their excellent durability means that they can be used without hesitation as an alternative to traditional veneer frames. They will perform well even in such demanding rooms as bathrooms and kitchens, where there is usually increased humidity and ordinary doorframes are often unable to cope with such difficult conditions.

Photo: © PORTA

Their unquestionable advantage is also their simple design - they blend in well with the arrangement of the entire apartment or house - regardless of the area in which they will be located. They will present themselves effectively both in the bedroom area, dressing room or dining room.

Industrial style likes wood very much! An extremely beautiful effect in the interior can be obtained by combining steel door frames with a door leaf finished with a veneer that imitates natural wood. This seemingly contrasting juxtaposition of cool steel and warm wood, in fact, perfectly combines and makes the interior take on an original character. This unobvious composition will make it a cozy atmosphere slightly broken by a touch of eccentricity.

Not only glass walls finished with steel are an attractive element of a loft interior. Glass doors in steel frames will also work great. Such a solution will not only allow us to illuminate the room. Above all, it makes the interior to be considered original and finished in accordance with the hottest trends of recent years. So if we are looking not only for a durable solution, but also want our interior to look like from an interiors catalog - this is an ideal proposal.

A wide range of steel door frames is offered by PORTA. This is a manufacturer characterized by attention to detail and extreme care in the quality of its products. It is especially worthwhile to get acquainted with the offer of novelties. The ideal solution for industrial spaces will be, for example, steel Porta SYSTEM or ELEGANCE steel Porta SYSTEM doorframes. They are made of very durable, but also elegant, galvanized steel. Thanks to the fact that they are protected using a galvanizing and varnishing system, they are much more resistant to moisture and frequent temperature changes.

Photo: © PORTA

colors for loft-style interiors

A loft-style interior requires colors that not only optically enlarge the limited space, but also build a sense of spaciousness. In hard lofts, these are often created by exposed windows and plenty of natural light. A very important role of selected colors is also to achieve the impression of prevailing coolness and sterility. This task is best met by neutral whites and light concrete grays. These colors will also be a great base for (mandatory!) steel accessories - such as doorframes precisely.

Those who want to arrange an elegant interior in an unconventional, modern atmosphere should opt for a steel doorframe in black. Those who would think that black is just black would be wrong! PORTA offers different shades of it, such as black structure or black MAT. Both variants are novelties. They are the undisputed leaders among the shades that top interior architects reach for.

However, black is not the only proposal. The unquestionable advantage of PORTA doorframes is also their very wide color palette. There are several variants to choose from. Among them, the most popular are: white MAT, ash MAT, anthracite structure, beige MAT or brown MAT. Such a wide selection certainly makes it easy for even the most demanding customers to choose the right color of the door frame to match the character of the decorated interior.

flexible offer for every wall

Loft style dominates in post-industrial interiors or stylized as such. Both in them and in old tenement houses walls are often uneven. Here, too, steel frames will be an ideal solution. This is because they can be properly bent, so they will fit perfectly even with a very uneven surface. The minimum wall thickness range for both of the latest frame models is 95 mm, while the adjustment is +20 mm and -5 mm. The adjustment on the downside is due to the fact that steel is susceptible to gentle modeling, so we will adjust it to the unevenness that appears on the walls.

There is another argument that undoubtedly speaks in favor of steel doorframes. It is worth betting on them yet for the reason that visually (except for the type of covering) they are practically no different from traditional veneered frames. Thus, if you choose a steel version, for example, for the most demanding rooms - such as the kitchen and bathroom, you will still be able to maintain stylistic consistency with the other rooms. Just remember to pay close attention at the purchase stage to the overlapping bands on the walls, they are only 55 mm, while veneered door frames are 60 or 80 mm. Fortunately, PORTA is extremely flexible and listens to customers. So it is possible to place a custom order that will aesthetically unify all the doorframes to be installed.

Steel door frames look beautiful both with window muntins, so characteristic of the loft style, and with deliberately exposed electrical wires, pipes or elements of the building structure.

Photo: © PORTA

essence of industrial style

Industrial style is designer simplicity. It does not require a sizable investment. Therefore, it is often reached by people with a limited budget. The style was born in the 1950s, when the United States was in a severe recession. At that time there was a lot of empty industrial space on the real estate market. It was their development that resulted in the emergence of the industrial style in architecture. Although it was originally a result of the impoverishment of the population, today it has been extremely appreciated by designers and years later is seen as synonymous with luxury and extravagance. However, you don't have to have a budget made of rubber to go for it. PORTA steel doorframes are very affordable, and the fact that they are also extremely durable makes them an investment for years.

When designing an industrial interior, it is also important to remember how much of a role the details play in it. However, it does not rely on the fact that you should accumulate a huge number of gadgets and trinkets in it. Replace them with metal lamps, exposed cables or exposed, stylish Edison bulbs.

The prevailing shades of steel and gray in the interiors will be perfectly broken by introducing a bit of madness through colorful lounge furniture. They will be enlivened even by a renovated old armchair, which seemingly has the years of glory long behind it. However, its colorful upholstery will be an interesting counterpoint to the apparent monochromatic nature of the interior. However, the number of colors should be reduced to the necessary minimum - according to the principle "less is more".

Industrial style allows a fair amount of madness. It is a mixture of raw character, warmed by accents of wood, steel, rust and brick. It is worth remembering that to arrange such a space, you do not need to be the owner of an abandoned factory or an apartment located in a pre-war tenement in the city center. It is enough to activate layers of creativity, as well as to assemble a few accessories, with the help of which the industrial atmosphere will be at the fingertips of any designer. It will not be at all necessary to tear down the walls, replace the windows with those with muntins or search for post-industrial history in the building.

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