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Contactless and secure access to public buildings from GEZE

01 of May '21

Automatic door and window systems.
From the series "Window and door trends 2021"

Products and customized solutions GEZE Polska Sp. z o.o. meet the highest requirements in terms of safety, comfort and design.

Nowadays, the requirements for doors in the entrance area of buildings are very high - especially in public buildings, shopping centers, hotel and catering establishments, as well as in hospitals and clinics. Automatic systems for swinging and sliding doors, as well as revolving doors, allow all users comfortable, contactless and safe access to buildings. Due to their appearance, they are also a good showcase for any facility. Various variants of contactless proximity sensors, make it possible to control automatic doors without touching them, which prevents the transmission of bacteria. Intelligent window systems can additionally take care of the air quality in these rooms.

Safety and functionality

GEZE products ensure quick and collision-free entry into the interior of the building. They streamline communication, are almost imperceptible to the user, and create barrier-free buildings. Already at the design stage it is very important to analyze the requirements in terms of functionality, throughput, aesthetics, as well as safety of use of such doors. Only on this basis do GEZE designers know what type of doors and what technical solutions they should use. This will be different for representative entrance doors with heavy traffic, and completely different for doors for offices, operating rooms, or back-office areas or emergency exits.


For complete comfort and security, GEZE also offers systems for window automation - intelligent variants of ventilation controlled automatically. In this way, you can ensure better air hygiene in the facility through natural ventilation, and this solution also offers the possibility of emergency ventilation in special cases. In the end, it's also a big energy cost saver, because the system perfectly complements the heating and air conditioning system.


GEZE's project team assists architects, designers, general contractors and investors in all stages of such projects. GEZE employees provide detailed information about the available functional solutions and the company's products, and assist with specifications for technical descriptions, preparation of CAD and BIM drawings.

The goal of GEZE designers is to design and propose such solutions so that owners and administrators of facilities, in the future, can serve the users of their building - receive visitors, guests, patients or employees, ensure their safety and take care of their comfort.

Modern and discreet design

GEZE solutions are spacious and inviting to enter, perfectly integrated into the architecture, and above all user-friendly. For representational reasons, it is important that the entrance to the building and the design of the door technology used harmonize with the architecture of the building. For example, in the Powiśle Power Plant gallery, GEZE products meet the requirement for a discreet, unobtrusive design. They are characterized by reliability and a modern stylistic line. Adaptation according to customer needs that impresses. Examples include all drives, actuators or door closers. Thanks to their low casing height (as low as 7 cm), GEZE drives fit unobtrusively into the architecture of the building, while allowing even very heavy doors (up to 600 kg) to open automatically. Activation of opening and closing is carried out without contact using motion sensors or proximity buttons, which is extremely desirable not only for comfort, but especially for hygiene especially in times of pandemics.

Powiśle power plant gallery


Managing traffic in facilities

Recent months have also been a major challenge for facility administrators to comply with requirements regarding the limited number of people that can be in certain types of facilities. Regulations resulting from the COVID pandemic have required facility managers to monitor and limit the number of people. To meet these needs, GEZE has introduced a solution that works perfectly with automatic door systems - GEZE Counter.


It is a system that automates access control, counting the number of people present in the facility and, accordingly to the allowed number, controls the door opening function. This saves time and gives a clear message to building users whether they can freely enter the building. In addition, the system gives the possibility to count traffic in the facility and conduct various analyses on this basis. All this makes the solution cost-optimal and ensures more efficient operation of the facility.

Contact us and our staff will be happy to suggest the best solution tailored to the specific facility and its needs!

For more information, visit the GEZE website.

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