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AZURA - designer accessories for doors and furniture

24 of November '22

AZURA - designer accessories for doors and furniture

Finishing an apartment is one of the most important elements that give the interior its character. Often it is the smallest, sometimes seemingly invisible additions that make the house take the final touch. For many years, the trend in space design has been a holistic approach to the entire home. It is thanks to the consistency of style in every room that is arranged that the final design fulfills its purpose and makes the designed house look unique.

Original design, stylistic consistency and the highest quality of workmanship are the values that make up the AZURA collection of furniture and door accessories. The collection was prepared in three striking color lines: gold and silver gloss and matte black.

The characteristic structure of the material's finish, in the form of delicate knurling, is the last, but very impressive element of this collection. AZURA includes handles and furniture knobs of various sizes and types, door stops, handles and wall hangings. Each element of the set can be purchased separately, adapting their selection to the interior design.

For any space

AZURA collection will become a detail that will distinguish a house, apartment or office, emphasize the modern style, affect the consistency of the arrangement and the atmosphere of the interior. Whether the space is just being designed, intended for a light facelift or a general renovation. The elements of the set will delight, attract the eye and become a distinctive part of the whole house.

Kolekcja AZURA – linia złota. Klamka, uchwyty meblowe i stoper do drzwi. Drzwi z kolekcji PORTA ART DECO.

AZURA collection - gold line. Handle, furniture handles and door stop. Doors from the PORTA ART DECO collection.


Gold and silver collection

The gold and silver line will work well in glossy glamour, vintage, or art deco styles. A gold handle from this collection will correspond perfectly with lacquered doors that have the phenomenal geometric milling of the PORTA ART DECO collection.

Kolekcja AZURA – linia srebrna. Klamka i uchwyty meblowe oraz drzwi z kolekcji PORTA GRANDE UV.

AZURA collection - silver line. Handle and furniture handles and doors from the PORTA GRANDE UV collection.


Classic and retro collection

In classic and retro arrangements, the ideal choice will be lacquered doors from the PORTA GRANDE UV collection, which can be ordered in white (RAL 9003) and subtle gray (RAL 7035), which will enhance the choice of the delicate color palette used in the interiors and AZURA silver accessories. Lacquered doors are a guarantee of quality for years, their surface is durable and does not change color over the years.

Kolekcja AZURA – linia czarna. Gałki meblowe.

AZURA collection - black line. Furniture knobs.


Black matte collection

Accessories from the collection in black matt will be a good counterpoint in decisive designs - modern and minimalist. They will emphasize strong connections and bold contrasts. They will also unite the whole project into a perfect whole. An interesting solution will be the use of dark wood colors with this color line of the collection. AZURA handle black matte can be matched with doors from the NATURA CLASSIC collection in Walnut color, with beautifully emphasized grain lines.

The possibilities for using elements from the AZURA set are endless - it all depends on the project and the architect's idea. The collection can be purchased at PORTA sales outlets and seen on the collection website:

More information about the company PORTA KMI POLAND in the PdA portal.

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