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Hörmann's extensive range of interior doors

29 of November '23

A stylish living room, an elegant kitchen, a cozy bedroom, a comfortable bathroom - everywhere doors complement the whole. Arranging any room will make it easier with a wide range of Hörmann interior doors.

Drzwi drewniane ClassicLine z przylgą, lakierowane w kolorze RAL 9016, klamka Linea stal nierdzewna matowa

ClassicLine wooden doors with rebate, lacquered in RAL 9016, Linea handle matte stainless steel


Choose from classic or modern, white lacquered or finished with natural veneers from noble woods, in fashionable shades of gray or colored, with smooth or structured surfaces, with glass elements or stainless steel applications, swinging or sliding.

Durable and robust

Hörmann room doors will satisfy not only lovers of good design, but also anyone looking for impact-, scratch- and abrasion-resistant solutions. This is guaranteed by the Duradecor surface, which has an average 48% higher impact resistance than CPL laminate surfaces of other manufacturers' products.

In addition, it is extremely easy to care for, resistant to high temperatures and almost as durable as a working kitchen countertop. The door is also protected from the stresses of daily use by 4Protect edge protection, available on flush and rebated doors with straight edges, as well as a sturdy frame construction with a melamine-coated inner surface.

Drzwi drewniane ProLine, bezprzylgowe, powlekane matowym lakierem w kolorze RAL 9005, klamka Linea Planar black.edition, bez otworu na klucz

ProLine wood door, rebate-free, matte-coated in RAL 9005, Linea Planar black.edition handle, without keyhole


Fashionable black color and elegant accessories

Black is a guarantee of elegance. Doors with a smooth ultramatte surface, a surface with a linen or slate texture look particularly attractive in this fashionable color. However, if you prefer doors in lighter colors, then the charm will be added by accessories from the black.edition series. An interesting effect will also be obtained if the 4Protect edge in the door leaf is made in contrasting black.

Handles with a Planar rosette, which is perfectly flush with the surface of the door leaf, are also an eye-catching accent. Another elegant solution is the abandonment of the keyhole, which allows for a minimalist design effect.

Drzwi drewniane ProLine bezprzylgowe, powierzchnia Duradecor dąb dziki, krawędź 4Protect w kolorze czarnym, klamka Linea Planar black.edition

ProLine wood door without rebate, Duradecor wild oak surface, 4Protect edge in black, Linea Planar black.edition handle


Lovers of simple forms will certainly be interested in the company's new Zeroline door frame, thanks to which the wall and door panel form a single plane. Another example of minimalism and yet high functionality are reversible doors. They make it possible to use the door in a narrow corridor without collision, as the door leaf opens through the door frame into the interior of the room, rather than outward.

Drzwi drewniane ProLine bezprzylgowe, powierzchnia w strukturze łupka, kolor RAL 7037, klamka Linea black.edition

ProLine wood door without rebate, surface in slate texture, color RAL 7037, handle Linea black.edition


Loft doors

This is a striking combination of glass and steel. These doors blend perfectly with interiors of different styles and are ideal for both residential and office spaces. They are offered as 1- or 2-wing or sliding doors. Using loft doors together with side elements and overhead lights, you can build a sizable wall and at the same time gain a well-lit space.

Stalowe drzwi loftowe, przesuwne, 2-skrzydłowe z naświetlami bocznym

Steel loft door, sliding, 2-wing with side lights


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