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PROCURAL – leading supplier of aluminum systems (formerly Ponzio)

09 of November '23

Ponzio Poland - as part of the German Laumann Group - has changed its name to PROCURAL since January 2024. It is still one of the leading suppliers of aluminum systems and continues to develop its product range.

advanced solutions
in aluminum systems

Structures made with PROCURAL aluminum systems are considered premium products that bring benefits alone in the long run. Their extraordinary durability ensures long-lasting use, energy-efficient solutions - lower operating costs, and ecological material - recyclability. All these qualities translate into financial benefits and concern for the environment.

Drzwi PE96 PIVOT

PE96 PIVOT door


Striking entrance

The PE96 pivot door is a modern system of external panel doors with a coat on both sides, with an unusual way of opening. The vertical axis of rotation is shifted in relation to the edge of the leaf, which causes the door to rotate rather than tilt. The way this mechanism works, designed for very high and heavy sashes, is extremely impressive.

Pivot doors are an ornament and a symbol of luxury in both a hotel and an exclusive residence. They are used in representative buildings, where prestige, unconventional style and ideal comfort are important. They are designed for the arrangement of refined entrances to buildings, which, through their grandiose portal, invite to elegant interiors. The system has a wide range of solutions: single and double leaf constructions, opening inwards or outwards, the possibility of making with a side fanlight.

Drzwi płaszczowe PE96HI

PE96HI mantle door


Robust and safe

Exterior panel doors with floating jacket in the warmest PE96HI system are an innovative solution that reliably performs in daily operation, regardless of temperature changes. It is a variant designed for the production of doors particularly exposed to extreme temperatures. Their specialized design prevents deformation of the leaf and ensures trouble-free operation. In addition, a massive structure with a 50 mm wide thermal break protects against heat loss.

Ścianki loftowe OF90IW

Loft walls OF90IW


They arrange the interior space

The aesthetics of the very popular industrial and loft interiors are matched by interior partition walls in the OF90 IW system , designed for the development of both office and residential spaces. Slender profiles and muntins creating delicate divisions allow free shaping of space and matching the style of a given interior. The system allows the use of swinging and sliding doors. Loft walls can also be combined with the OF90 system interior wall system distinguished by very high acoustic insulation parameters.

SL2000 Greatvision

SL2000 Greatvision


With a panoramic view

In a living room with an exit to the terrace, sliding system doors are perfect. We have a number of solutions at our disposal: among them, SMART hybrid system sliding doors (SL1700) combining the advantages of sliding doors and tilt and slide windows, SL1800 lift-and-slide doors (the so-called. HS-y) - the most popular solution offering many variants, and the most complex type in terms of design: the large and narrow-profile SL2000 Greatvision design. This system is a response to minimalist trends in architecture and the need to integrate the space of the house with nature. The oversized construction is based on slender profiles, in which only the narrow mullions are visible (the remaining profiles can be hidden in the body of the building).

Okna PE96 Passive

PE96 Passive windows


Energy efficient and warm

For houses and apartments we recommend modern windows in the PE96 passive aluminum system. The special design of the profiles provides high thermal insulation, resulting in savings in heating and cooling of rooms. The system allows the construction of large dimensions and glazing. It creates a solid, large-size structure, which at very low temperatures outside acts as a thermal barrier and maintains optimal thermal comfort inside the room, and on sunny days lets in more daylight, thus providing additional solar energy.

Drzwi harmonijkowe PE78 FOLD

PE78 FOLD folding door


They open up space

Folding doors in the PE78FOLD system are also the answer to the need to open up space as much as possible. This is a product favored by investors and architects as an excellent solution to widely open the development space to the outside. When the door is folded, a free space is created between the interior of the room and its external part (usually the terrace or pool area) used seasonally. These structures provide high weather tightness and high thermal insulation. They are not only an attractive solution during the summer season, but provide a protective barrier against adverse weather conditions at any time of the year.

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