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Eck and Mittel hardware for folding-sliding systems © quickly and easily divide a room into different zones

09 of October '23

Eck and Mittel hardware for folding-sliding systems is the ideal solution for quickly and easily dividing a room into different zones.

Mittel 100 G

Mittel 100 G


Unlike standard opening or sliding doors, which can only be opened to a limited extent - folding door panels can be folded and retracted. The folding technology offers us various parking and locking options, thus saving us additional space.

Convenience and versatility aside, folding-sliding doors are a stylish feature of modern homes. Depending on the intended use, Eck and Mittel hardware can be easily adapted to any architectural concept. The possibility of using materials: wood, glass, size and number of panels - allows you to tailor solutions to the needs of an individual project.

Wymiary montażowe przy drzwiach drewnianych (z lewej) i szklanych (z prawej)

Installation dimensions for wood (left) and glass doors (right)


Eck and Mittel product features

  • For the elelastic division of rooms
  • Possibility of closing / locking the wings in the top rail
  • bottom locking in bottom rail or floor sleeve
  • Door leaf weight: up to 100 kg
  • door leaf height: up to 3000 mm (glass), up to 3500 mm (wood)
  • door leaf width: 500-1000 mm
  • for glass thickness:
    ESG: 10 and 12 mm
    VSG: 10.7 and 12.7 mm
  • for wooden door thickness: 35-60 mm
  • max. prowance length 6,0 m
  • possible adjustment: height -5/+2 mm
  • guide finish: silver anode.

Propozycje rozwiązań

Solution proposals


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