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Doors adorn a fashionable interior and a beautiful showcase for the home

01 of May '23

New proposals for ERKADO interior and exterior doors. From the series „Windows, doors, fittings, covers—trends 2023”.

Interior trends for 2023 are diverse and give a lot of freedom in creating beautiful spaces. They are followed by a wide range of interior furnishings in response to the current fashion. Manufacturers of doors are also refreshing their proposals, which today no longer just divide or connect spaces, but increasingly perform a decorative function and co-create unique arrangements. Modern design provides a wide variety of choices, and consumers are becoming bolder in reaching for original models and non-standard colors or patterns of door leaves. There is also no shortage of those who rely on the timeless beauty of wood. New proposals can be found in ERKADO's offer of interior and exterior doors.

Doors are an important part of interior design, and contemporary design gives almost unlimited options for patterns and colors. Models full of beautiful details are available, decorated with inlays, milling, glazing or mirrors. Decorative elements of the door frame, such as crown molding or side pilasters, provide additional decoration. Well-matched to the style of the interior, the door is intriguing and blends well with other elements of the furnishings. Currently, doors in uniform, intense colors, such as dark green or navy blue, are becoming more fashionable, and an interesting alternative to classic white is ashen. An important accent that completes the whole are handles.

New products for your interior

The latest ERKADO interior door catalog features new models: Peonia, Amarylis and Epimedium 6 and an offer supplemented by more decors and colors. Among the new colors are veneers—navy blue ST CPL (ST CPL is the designation for a veneer characterized by resistance to scratching, abrasion, discoloration), dark green ST CPL or ash ST CPL, enhanced with AntiFinger coating, which reduces dirt. New designs and color (brushed copper) of very popular inlays have also been introduced. One of the novelties is the Amarylis 1 model in black, with large glazing. Decorative muntins were also used here. The whole is complemented by a detail in the form of Bella Slim handle in matte black.

drzwi wewnętrzne Amarylis 2

Amarylis 1 interior door

© Erkado

Depth of color

For lovers of intense colors, an interesting proposition will be the Peonia 2 door with decorative glazing in navy blue veneer refined with AntiFinger coating to reduce dirt. Decorative glazing, along with a decorative crown, pilasters add elegance to the interior. The fashionable shade of navy blue will look good in both rustic and modern interiors. Also noteworthy is the VSG safety glass with decorative muntins. The glazing brings more light into the room and optically enlarges it. In addition, it is referred to as „safety glass”, because thanks to the permanent bonding of two glass panes with a special film, even after a strong impact it does not break into sharp pieces, but holds together, eliminating the risk of injury.

drzwi wewnętrzne Peonia 2

Peonia 2 interior door

© Erkado

Decorative detail

ERKADO has also expanded its range to include models with a new color and layout of the popular inlays, i.e. decorative inserts flush with the veneer surface, located on both sides of the leaf. An example is the Altamura 1 model in dark green ST CPL veneer with LUX 419 intarsia in brushed gold and Bella Slim satin brass handle.

drzwi wewnętrzne Altamura Lux 419

Altamura interior door with LUX 419 intarsia

© Erkado

Another novelty is the Epimedium 6 model. Subdued veneer in ST CPL ash color refined with AntiFinger coating combined with VSG black glass creates a beautiful, eye-catching set. Door frames and skirting boards in the color of the door emphasize the consistent nature of the arrangement, while the black Balla Slim handle effectively completes the arrangement.

drzwi wewnętrzne Epimedium

Epimedium 6 interior door

© Erkado

ERKADO's new proposals will perfectly fit into various interiors, including those decorated in the popular eclecticism, which does not limit our imagination and consists in combining interior styles and colors that do not match each other at first glance.

drzwi wewnętrzne Altamira Lux 316

Altamira Lux 316 interior door

© Erkado

The new catalog features veneers that imitate wood: oak retro CPL, oak classic CPL and walnut classic CPL. ERKADO's offer also includes skirting boards and wall slats in a wide range of colors, thanks to which we can easily create a coherent composition together with the doors.

Timeless wood

ERKADO's door offer also includes a wide range of models of exterior and interior wings made of wood. In the catalog of wooden doors you will find novelties, which, thanks to the available solutions and the qualities of natural materials, will fit into any arrangement. The offer of interior wooden doors includes the new model BALDUR 9, available with decorative glazing in milky or black smooth on both sides. This model will fit into any interior, while at the same time being its decoration.

drzwi wewnętrzne Baldur 9

Baldur 9 interior door

© Erkado

Design and personalization

Various finishes are available for wooden doors, including straight standard oak, knotted oak and brushed knotted oak, whose exposed grain adds a natural and raw feel to the door. For color lovers, the models are painted using a method that ensures above-average resistance, including to weathering for exterior doors. As a standard, 12 colors are available from the pattern palette plus all RAL and NCS colors. Thanks to its high hardness and scratch resistance, this system guarantees durability for years.

The possibility of customization of wooden exterior doors applies to sizes to fit an individual interior. Doors are manufactured to the customer's dimensions up to a height of 250 cm. Of course, models are available in standard catalog sizes: leaf thickness: 72 mm, 82 mm or 102 mm. In the case of interior wooden doors, both width (60 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm) and height (max. 250 cm) can be adjusted. What's more, ERKADO offers the possibility of full personalization, i.e. the customer can design his own model of external door.

The power and beauty of wood from the entrance

This year, ERKADO's range of wooden doors was joined by 15 new models of exterior doors. In addition, interior doors were supplemented by 6 models and 4 colors of decorative inlays. New to ERKADO's offer is the entire RETRO series of exterior doors. It includes six models, which were created for homes decorated in the classical style. A characteristic feature of this line is the traditional timeless design alluding to doors that may bring to mind English suburbs. Models with glazing, such as P173 are equipped with REFLEX BRONZE glass that gives a sense of privacy. This type of glass makes those on the lighter side of the mirror see their reflection, while still being visible to those inside.

Innovative technology

The innovative technology used in their production allows the aesthetic qualities of wooden doors to be preserved. It also eliminates the problems accompanying traditional technologies such as: splitting and shifting of door coffers, warping of sashes, uneven coloring. In addition, the sash frame is reinforced with sheet metal and „C” profile, which guarantees its structural stability.

drzwi zewnętrzne P178

Exterior door P178

© Erkado

The choice of the right interior door has a significant role in giving the interior the expected character, and the exterior door will be a beautiful and durable showcase of the house. With the wide range of models, colors and finishes available on the market, they allow you to easily create intriguing arrangements according to individual tastes. Welcome to the world of ERKADO doors—

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