Sonata Touch - harmony of elegance and functionality. New in Ospel's offer

We present to you a series of modern electronic switches for lighting control, which are equipped with a glass touch panel. Their simple, even austere body, combined with natural materials such as glass, aluminum, stone or Inox steel, with its design perfectly fits into the modern architecture of elegant residential and office spaces.

Discreet two-color backlighting of the control zones on the touch panels emphasizes the prestigious character of the product, while making it easier to locate the switch in conditions of even complete darkness. The backlighting, made with LED technology, signals the switching status of the relay.

Zestaw łączniki
potrójny i podwójny ze ściemniaczem w ramce szklanej

Set of triple and double switches with dimmer in glass frame

© Ospel

Sonata Touch series switches are dedicated to all Sonata series frames, but the best visual effect is obtained by using the Prestige frame line. They are made using natural and very aesthetic materials such as multicolored glass, anodized aluminum, wood, natural stone or stainless steel. The above products give the opportunity to compose even the most sophisticated design sets, which can become a decoration of the walls of modern rooms. The glass touch panels of Sonata Touch switches, when combined with the Prestige line of external frames, are an extraordinary decoration of any elegant home.

 Zestaw łączniki
żaluzjowe i potrójne w ramce aluminiowej

Set of blind and triple switches in aluminum frame

© Ospel

The modular design of the Sonata Touch switches, makes it possible to configure with all products in the Sonata series in frames from double to quintuple, which makes it practically the first such series on the market. It makes the most sense to combine touch switches with: plug sockets, temperature regulator, motion sensor into functional sets.

Thanks to the modern design of the electronics of the control panels (sensitivity of detection, speed of system tripping), an extremely high culture of switch operation has been achieved at a level unavailable for traditional mechanical fixtures. The highest quality electronic components used in the construction of Sonata Touch switches guarantee their stable and long-lasting operation. The durability of the relays used in the executive modules (depending on the type and power of the light source used) can reach up to 1 million cycles.

Zestaw łącznik
podwójny i czujnik ruchu w ramce szklanej

Set of double switch and motion sensor in glass frame

© Ospel

TheSonata Touch series has been designed so that it can be implemented in both new and traditional (two-wire) electrical installations. The power supply of the modules (the supply of the neutral pole) is carried out through the receiver included in the circuit, so the replacement of a traditional switch with a touch one does not involve any reconstruction of the current path. The modern design of electronic circuits, as well as the illumination of control zones made in LED technology, ensures (in standby) minimal power consumption.

Thanks to the possibility of programming touch switches, their functionality has been significantly expanded. For example, a double-circuit switch with the function of a staircase switch, when properly configured, can realize connection systems: 6+6, 6+1, 7+7, 7+1, 7+6.

Zestaw łącznik
podwójny i ściemniacz w ramce szklanej

Set of double switch and dimmer in glass frame

© Ospel

Obtaining the aforementioned functions is done by defining electrical connections between individual control points. The two-system method of fixing the modules (screws and claws), allows them to be installed even in flush-mounted boxes not equipped with mounting screws. If necessary, it is possible to mount touch switches to Sonata series surface-mounted boxes.

The functionality of Sonata Touch switches is achieved through a programming procedure, which is carried out from the control panel on a completed and prepared for operation installation. Short and clear instructions guide the installer through the very simple steps of programming. Usually the entire operation does not take more than a dozen seconds and can be carried out by any member of the household. During programming, the built-in function of restoring switches to factory settings can sometimes prove useful.

Zestaw łącznik pojedynczy i gniazdo w ramce szklanej

Single switch and socket set in glass frame

© Ospel

Sonata Touch switches can be installed in traditional two-wire installations, as they do not need a neutral N wire for proper operation. The switches have the ability to turn lights on and off without touching the glass panel. It is sufficient to bring a finger at a distance of about 0.5 cm to the corresponding field on the glass control panel.

Modern, simple form, a wide range of possibilities for creating functional sets, subtle backlighting will certainly meet the sophisticated tastes of those who appreciate designer products.

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