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The most important tools for architects of mechanical ventilation systems

07 of December '23

Key tools for architects of mechanical ventilation systems

Designing effective and efficient ventilation systems is a key part of the construction process today. In response to the growing requirements for energy efficiency and comfort of building users, the use of appropriate tools is becoming essential for the rapid and accurate creation of ventilation system designs. Among the tools available on the market, four software products stand out: WENTYLE, Ventpack, MagiCAD and BIM (Building Information Modeling).

Program WENTYLE oferuje szeroką gamę produktów od renomowanych producentów od ALNOR

The WENTYLE program offers a wide range of products from renowned manufacturers including ALNOR


WENTYLE version 6.2

WENTYLE is an innovative software adapted to AutoCAD environment, designed for the HVAC industry. Thanks to constant updates, users have access to the latest technologies. The program offers a comprehensive range of products from renowned manufacturers such as ALNOR, RDJ KLIMA, CWK, HAKOM-CHEMOTECH, VASCO, VERANO, SMAY. Advanced statements, unlimited ventilation and plumbing calculations, and an intuitive interface make design precise and efficient. WENTYLE version 6.2 is the perfect tool for HVAC professionals to create comfortable and efficient solutions.

Program WENTYLE pozwala na precyzyjny dobór produktów do Twojej instalacji

The WENTYLE program allows you to precisely select products for your installation



Ventpack is an advanced software developed specifically for architects, compatible with various graphical environments such as AutoCAD, BricsCAD V18-V2214 (PRO, BIM) and Fluid DESK BIM 2023. It includes parametric libraries covering a variety of fittings and components such as rectangular, circular, grilles, diffusers, dampers, fire valves, air intakes and exhausts and much more. The tool speeds up the design process by automatically creating installation cross-sections, which saves time and enables more detailed optimization of solutions.

Program Ventpack obejmuje produkty ALNOR kształtki i elementy, od prostokątnych po okrągłe, anemostaty, klapy, aż po zawory przeciwpożarowe

The Ventpack program includes ALNOR products, among others: fittings and elements, from rectangular to circular, anemostats, dampers, up to fire valves



MagiCAD is a software dedicated to AutoCAD and Revit users, facilitating the design of MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) installations. With ALNOR's extensive HVAC product database, it offers more than 700 different items, enabling designers to use a wide range of HVAC solutions, significantly speeding up and streamlining the HVAC design process.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

BIM technology is an advanced way of designing, revolutionizing construction processes by creating three-dimensional models of buildings. With the ability to modify parameters at will during design, BIM translates into more completed projects, better quality, shorter lead times and financial savings.


In today's rapidly changing HVAC industry, the use of programs: WENTYLE, Ventpack, MagiCAD and BIM is crucial to succeed and meet the growing expectations of customers. These tools not only make your work easier, but also allow you to create efficient ventilation solutions, which is significant in today's world. Alnor offers access to all of the aforementioned programs, thus supporting architects in the effective design of ventilation systems.

For more information, visit the company's ALNOR® Systemy Wentylacji page on the PdA portal

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