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Alnor - leading manufacturer of complete ventilation systems

04 of December '22

Existing since 1994, the Polish company ALNOR® Systemy Wentylacji (since 2004 based in Wola Mrokowska near Warsaw) is the leading manufacturer and distributor of ventilation systems in the country. Despite its position on the market, which has been consolidated for nearly thirty years, the company is not resting on its laurels. The offer of the brand, which is conquering the international arena(Alnor Ventilation Systems products are today exported to 85 countries), includes complete ventilation solutions made of galvanized sheet metal, acid-resistant, aluminum, as well as plastic, including PVC or EPP.

Rzetelne i wiarygodne badania – przeprowadzane zgodnie z normami

Reliable and credible tests - conducted in accordance with standards


The company's portfolio includes, among others:

  • ducts and fittings,
  • attenuators with round and rectangular sections, flexible attenuators,
  • FLX System - a system of ducts for installation in ceilings and under the floor,
  • HRU-PremAIR, HRU-SlimAIR, HRU-MinistAIR recuperators,
  • intelligent zoning system, which works with Alnor recuperators
  • HRU-WALL series of decentralized recuperators,
  • fire dampers and smoke extraction systems,
  • VAV and CAV air controllers and PAV pressure controllers,
  • installation accessories,
  • duct prefabrication,
  • ventilation accessories,
  • flexible ducts,
  • inspection elements for round and rectangular ducts,
  • dampers with round and rectangular cross-section,
  • sealing and insulation elements,
  • roof elements,
  • actuators,
  • duct and roof fans,
  • water and electric heaters.

The brand is constantly developing, and Alnor's team of specialists is constantly looking for innovative solutions - it was the first company in Poland to develop arecuperation installation systemwith zoning, currently the most efficient and cost-effective way of zoning airflow.

Pierwszy Polski system strefowania w instalacji rekuperacji

Poland's first zoning system for recuperation installation


In 2018, the brand launched the first recuperation unit HRU-PremAIR. Since then, the group of recuperators offered by Alnor has been growing - new product groups are being created, such as suspended recuperators (from the HRU-SlimAIR series) and built-in recuperators (from the HRU-MinistAIR series).

80% asortymentu dostępne „od ręki” na stanie magazynu

80% of the assortment available "on hand" in stock


The desire to create better and better solutions and improve the quality of the products offered is evidenced, among other things, by the activities of the brand's laboratory. Studies and tests carried out there are carried out in accordance with the requirements of standards, guaranteeing customers reliable and repeatable results. The quality of Alnor Ventilation Systems products is confirmed, among others, by National Technical Assessments, TÜV, SITAC certificates, M1 class cleanliness certificate and acoustic tests of silencers.

Ponad 10 000 m² powierzchni magazynowej

More than 10 000 m² of warehouse space


Alnor Systemy Wentylacji also relies on excellent customer relations and transparent rules of cooperation - modern machinery allows the implementation of even the most unusual orders, during the entire process customers receive from the company access to programs supporting the design and calculation of ventilation installations, and orders can be easily placed through the B2B platform.

Nowoczesny park maszynowy zapewnia powtarzalną jakość produktów

Modern machinery ensures repeatable quality of products


For more information, visit the ALNOR® Systemy Wentylacji company page on the PdA portal.

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