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Decentralised ventilation - a way to recuperate in an existing house

04 of December '21

Adequate air quality in the home significantly affects our well-being. Providing oxygen and removing pollutants from the air is the primary task of ventilation.

Przykład montażu VENTO
EXPERT w łazience

Example of VENTO EXPERT installation in a bathroom


The problem of excessive moisture in the room intensified after the replacement of wooden windows with modern, airtight plastic windows. Excessive amounts of water in the indoor air can be seen on the windows in the form of steam or condensation. Lack of proper ventilation also means aggravating headaches or allergies of those who stay in the room. The operation of traditional gravity ventilation, which is the most popular, is heavily dependent on suitable weather conditions, temperature differences or the height of the chimney. This method of ventilation does not provide clean, fresh air in the right amount for the occupants of the house.


Decentralized ventilation


Opening windows is not only a supply of (theoretically) fresh air, it is also an influx of smog, dust, allergens or annoying insects. The effect of opening windows can be counterproductive, and indoor air can be very harmful to our health. The financial aspect should also be taken into account - opening windows causes significant heat loss, which we will notice on our heating bills as a result.

Przykład montażu

Example of installation of FRESHBOX 200 ERV Wi-Fi


Distribution of ventilation ducts in existing apartments is possible, but it will cause us a lot of problems, not to mention investment costs. In such a situation, the HVAC market offers a new solution - decentralized ventilation. Decentralized mechanical ventilation units from Blauberg are devices that will take care of the air quality in each room. Wall-mounted units VENTO EXPERT equipped with a ceramic exchanger are energy efficient (in winter they significantly reduce the amount of energy needed to heat the apartment) and quiet, which is ensured by a fan with a modern EC motor. The high efficiency of the VENTO exchanger is a guarantee of lower heating bills! The units are equipped with G4 mini-pleat filters, which stop dust, smog and insects with high efficiency, and the additional possibility of using F8 filters will guarantee the highest quality of air filtration, even from PM 2.5 particles!

Przykład montażu

Example of installation of VENTO EXPERT


FRESHBOX units for single rooms by Blauberg are air handling units that offer high efficiency and simple installation without the need to install ductwork, making them an ideal alternative to central mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. The same effect, and thanks to the quick and easy installation of Blauberg units is the possibility to have mechanical ventilation in your home even in one day!

Przykład montażu

Example of FRESHBOX 100 installation


There is no doubt that the modern technology offered by the Blauberg brand significantly improves the quality of living inside houses and apartments. Vento units are the definition of effective mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. By taking care of the quality of the air in our own apartment, we not only take care of the condition of our home, but also as, and most importantly, our health and that of our family members.

For more information, visit the company's VENTS Group Sp z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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