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Air conditioning units to suit your needs

27 of November '22

Today's market requires an individual approach to the customer and his needs. Everyone expects a strictly tailored product that meets all the requirements set before it.

In response to the needs of customers in the air handling unit market, VBW Engineering has a sectional air conditioning system, which allows you to tailor selected functional sections, under the individual requirements of the facility and the customer. The VBW Engineering in their offer has air handling units in various sizes and standards of design.

In addition, they are the only ones on the market to produce air handling units that can be customized in terms of:

  • dimensional
  • structural
  • technical
  • color.

C. Bechstein Klavier-studio (Düsseldorf) is an excellent example of a customized finish, in which the air conditioning unit was tailored under the high-end design of the studio. By integrating the unit into the space in such a way, the product VBW Engineering is no longer just a utilitarian ventilation tool, but can also become an integral part of the architecture and landscape. Sectional air-handling units also have the possibility of making them in a special version:

C. Bechstein Klavierstudio oddział Düsseldorf gdzie produkt użytkowy komponuje się z architekturą obiektu

C. Bechstein Klavierstudio Düsseldorf branch where the utility product blends with the architecture of the building


AHUs in swimming pool design

Swimming pool air handling units are specialized devices for air treatment, characterized primarily by high resistance to corrosion and the effects of chlorine compounds. Swimming pool air handling units process fresh air, as well as air extracted from the pool hall, which is very humid and contains aggressive chlorine compounds.

Centrala w wykonaniu basenowym

AHUs in a swimming pool design


Hygienic AHUs

Hygienic design air handling units are designed for hospital facilities, pharmaceutical plants, laboratories and other rooms where maintaining sterile working conditions plays a key role. The materials used meet high hygienic requirements, and the products are certified by TÜV and approved by the PZH.

Centrala w wykonaniu higienicznym

Air handling unit in hygienic design


AHUs with explosion-proof elements

Air handling units with explosion-proof components are used in buildings and rooms that require special protection, where flammable and explosive liquids, gases or vapors are likely to be present.

Centrala z elementami przeciwwybuchowymi

Air handling unit with explosion-proof elements


+ Fully configurable automation with Plug&Play system

Each product can be fully configurable, tailored intelligent automation system along with an intuitive Plug&Play system. Such solutions mean that customers receive a product over which they can have full control from anywhere in the world, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

Możliwość łatwego doboru koloru oraz podzespołów centrali

Easy selection of color and panel components


For more information, visit the company's VBW Engineering page on the PdA portal.

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