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Rotenso RVF air conditioning systems for commercial buildings

27 of November '22


Modern, highly efficient and energy-saving Rotenso RVF air conditioning systems are ideal for numerous offices, prestigious hotel and restaurant facilities and public buildings. Air conditioning units ROTENSO are an excellent choice for commercial buildings, thanks in part to the possibility of simultaneous implementation of heating and cooling modes for HR RVF systems . The choice of RVF Rotenso solutions is supported by customer recommendations.


RVFRotenso are economical and efficient 2-pipe systems that can effectively realize cooling and heating functions even at temperatures as low as -30°C. The advantage of Rotenso 's RVF solutions is the extreme possibilities in terms of installation lengths of up to 1,000 m and 110 m of elevation. RVF Rotenso systems allow the creation of extensive systems allowing the connection of up to 100 indoor units and the combination of units modularly, even up to a total power of 270 kW.

Hotel Mercure Jelenia Góra

Hotel Mercure Jelenia Gora



Investors' expectations of air conditioning have long since ceased to be limited to ensuring the thermal comfort of a building. An important task of air conditioners is now to complement interior design . Depending on the architectural design and the investor's intention, in all new buildings, both the installation components and the air conditioners themselves can be completely built-in or exposed. A wide range of indoor units Rotenso RVF wall-mounted, cassette, duct, floor-to-ceiling, allows you to arrange the units in an interior of any style.

EHTIC Europejskie Centrum Innowacyjnych Technologii dla Zdrowia

EHTIC European Center for Innovative Health Technologies


CASE STUDY: Muszla Gdynia Restaurant

In the Muszla Gdynia restaurant, a fully exposed air-conditioning system installation complements the economical yet distinctive design of the premises. Tenji cassette air conditioners with 360° perimeter supply - here uncovered - were suspended from the ceiling, designed as standard. The refrigerant pipes were placed in simple troughs of galvanized sheet metal. In this way, the austere installation of the system blended perfectly into the modernist design of the premises, which was the designers' intention. Such solutions are commonly appropriate in modern commercial buildings, where exposed installations are part of the interior architecture.

Restauracja Muszla Gdynia

Shell Restaurant Gdynia


CASE STUDY: EHTIC European Center for Innovative Health Technologies at the Silesian University of Technology.

EHTIC is a new, intelligent and energy-efficient facility, where the developer made sure that issues related to economy and comfort were accompanied by high aesthetics and consistency of all details. Both the laboratories and common spaces, such as the spacious lobby and lecture hall, designed for special events and conferences, were carefully designed and constructed, so the aesthetics of the wall-mounted air-conditioning units were of great importance. The investor chose a Rotenso Enos wall-mounted air conditioner for all the rooms because of its minimalist, modern panel that allows for discreet arrangement in spaces of different character.

EHTIC Europejskie Centrum Innowacyjnych Technologii dla Zdrowia

EHTIC European Centre of Innovative Health Technologies


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