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Technology and aesthetics - air conditioning of business and commercial buildings with ROTENSO

05 of December '23

In line with design. Raising the climate standard in business and commercial buildings

Demanding investors and ambitious architects are looking for interesting new solutions that will both pragmatically maintain thermal comfort in commercial buildings while maintaining impeccable interior aesthetics. Rotenso RVF is an air conditioning system that allows the implementation of modern solutions without compromising the quality of the interior architecture. And exactly why should you use this system in designed and existing facilities?

1. multifunctionality and efficient RVF Rotenso air conditioning technology

RVF Rotenso air conditioning systems are versatile solutions that provide both cooling and heating, even in extreme conditions down to - 30°C. This is an excellent investment for commercial facilities such as offices, hotels and restaurants that value versatility and optimization of maintenance costs.

2 - Rotenso's superior technical performance

Rotenso RVF systems are characterized by outstanding performance and installation capabilities. They can handle extensive systems with multiple indoor units, providing convenience and efficiency.

3. technology at the service of aesthetics and design

Today, air conditioning can't just be functional. Rotenso RVF systems offer a wide range of indoor units that can be perfectly matched to the style of the interior. The possibility of built-in or exposed air conditioners allows a harmonious combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Restauracja Muszla Gdynia

Shell Restaurant Gdynia


Reference Shell Gdynia - ceiling air conditioning in a modernist interior

Shell Gdynia Restaurant is an example of how an open air conditioning installation can become an integral part of the interior design. With Tenji cassette air conditioners exposed here, consistency and modernity have been achieved.

EHTIC Europejskie Centrum Innowacyjnych Technologii dla Zdrowia

EHTIC European Center for Innovative Health Technologies


Reference EHTIC - a wall air conditioner in a contemporary interior

EHTIC European Center for Innovative Health Technologies. At the EHTIC, the developer made sure to achieve harmony between economics and aesthetics. Rotenso Enos wall-mounted air conditioners, with their minimalist panel, fit perfectly into the diverse spaces of this modern facility.

EHTIC Europejskie Centrum Innowacyjnych Technologii dla Zdrowia

EHTIC European Center for Innovative Health Technologies


RVF Rotenso - a marriage of modernity and style

RVF Rotenso responds to the expectations of architects and investors by combining innovative technology with interior aesthetics to raise the climate standard in commercial buildings.

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